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    WATCH: Pro-CRT Dad Tells School Board Meeting He Has 1,000 Soldiers ‘Locked and Loaded’
    How the Dems Lost The Old Dominion
    MD's Largest School System Institutes 'Psychoeducational' Lessons, Teaches There's 'Dual Pandemic' of COVID and 'Systemic Racism'
    PBS Correspondent Asks Biden What Dems Should Do About Republicans Running on 'False Claims About CRT'
    Youngkin Vows to Ban Critical Race Theory on Day One, Draws Huge Applause at Rally
    McAuliffe Walks Out of Interview, Snarls at Local Reporter for Asking Tough Questions
    Walmart’s Critical Race Theory Training Says White Employees are Guilty of 'White Supremacy Thinking'
    North Carolina School Board Votes on Controversial Policy Restricting the Instruction of Anti-American Sentiments
    Koch Network Opposes Banning Critical Race Theory in Schools
    Police Break Up Virginia School Board Meeting to Prevent Violence During Critical Race Theory Debate (VIDEO)
    New Book Aims to be 'Encyclopedia of the Left' by Exposing Marx and His Followers
    Sen. Tom Cotton Says Dems Will Have to Answer to Voters About 'Indoctrinating' Children With CRT
    Rhode Island Teacher Union Sues Mom Who Requested Critical Race Theory Curriculum
    Manchin Votes With Republicans to Pass Anti-Critical Race Theory Amendment
    Distinguished Biracial Doctor Demoted for Opposing Segregated Care, Files Discrimination Charge
    Fourth Grade Student Told Not to Tell Her Parents About Classroom 'Equity Survey'
    Senator Josh Hawley Proposes New Anti-Critical Race Theory Act
    WHITE HOUSE SPINS: Dept of Ed Blames Random ‘Error’ for Document Promoting CRT This Fall
    CRT BEFORE ABC: Biden Admin Backs Radical Group Pushing ‘Race Theory’ in Public Schools
    California State University Paying Faculty to Attend CRT Training Workshop
    Woke Force? Air Force Academy Professor Defends Teaching Critical Race Theory to Military Cadets
    Sen. Ted Cruz Introduces Bill to Block Federal Funding For Critical Race Theory Training