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“Cancel Culture”

Podcast Movement Apologizes For 'Harm' Caused By Ben Shapiro's Presence At Convention
Major Quidditch Organizations Changing the Name of the Sport to Distance From ‘Harry Potter’ Author J.K. Rowling
Spotify CEO Defends Joe Rogan During Heated Meeting With Employees Who Want More Censorship
The Art Institute of Chicago 'Pauses' Program with White Volunteers In Effort To Diversify
New York City Will Remove Thomas Jefferson Statue From City Hall
Canadian University Removed Class of 1907 Photo For Appearing 'Too White'
'EpikFail': Anonymous Hacks, Doxxes Free Speech Domain Registrar for Hosting 'Far-Right' Websites
Nicki Minaj Says She Will Never Use Twitter Again in Instagram Live Rant
Sharon Osbourne Says She Doesn't Want to Return to TV Because of Cancel Culture
Jeopardy! Still Searching For Host as Top Candidates Prove to be Controversial
Mike Richards Resigns as Jeopardy! Host Amid Controversy Over Past Remarks
DaBaby Apologizes Again, Gets Cancelled Again