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Glenn Beck's Show Removed From Apple Podcasts

The Tech Giant Gave The Podcaster No Warning Prior to His Show's Removal

Podcaster and Blaze Media founder Glenn Beck had his show removed from tech giant Apple’s podcast app.

Apple gave Beck no warning before The Glenn Beck Program‘s removal, the Blaze Media founder wrote in an email to listeners.

In a video shared to X, the podcaster said the email from Apple’s Podcast team contained a link, though the link brought him to another page informing him his podcast had been removed from their platform.

“We found an issue with your show, The Glenn Beck Program, which must be resolved before it’s available on Apple Podcasts,” the Apple Podcast team wrote Beck. “Your show has been removed from Apple Podcasts.”

“I cannot imagine what they’re basing this one on,” Beck said of his podcast’s removal, adding his show hadn’t received any strikes.

The podcaster said Apple’s removal of The Glenn Beck Program was crazy and encouraged people to share his post and demand Apple Podcasts reinstate the show.

“There’s nothing that we have said that would warrant any removal,” he said, jokingly suggesting Apple would inform Beck the show’s removal was a “glitch.”

“It’s amazing that we have to have a whole bunch of people point out the ‘glitch’ before the ‘glitch’ is found and [the show] is put back.”

Beck suggested Apple may have removed his podcast for discussing President Biden and his family’s alleged corruption along with former President Trump’s fourth indictment in Georgia.

“We’re not playing this game,” he said of Blaze Media. “We don’t censor anybody.”

THIS is why I built Blaze Media,” Beck wrote in another post.

Big Tech censorship is the biggest threat to free speech and free expression in America,” wrote Donald Trump Jr in a quote post on X. “Apple is now engaging in open election interference by censoring Glenn Beck for telling the truth about Joe Biden’s corruption!!”

“If Beck has actually been banned merely for voicing his free speech, I think it’s wrong of Apple to do,” wrote political commentator Ed Krassenstein. “It will be interesting to see what reason Apple gives for this banning, or if it was done by mistake. I am unaware of any recent major controversy, or hateful over-the-top message that Beck has spread over the airwaves.”

In a Wednesday afternoon email to listeners, Beck said the issue had not yet been resolved.

“Big Tech will do everything they can to silence anyone trying to tell you the truth,” he wrote. “They do not want you listening to me or people like me.”

Beck encouraged listeners to subscribe to BlazeTV, adding it was the only way to ensure listeners could access his program.

“If you think the censorship has gotten bad, just you wait,” he cautioned. “It’s quite possible that we’re nearing the day when the ONLY way you will be able to access the truth is by becoming a BlazeTV subscriber.”

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