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    Matt Gaetz Introduces Abolish the ATF Act In Response To 'Stabilizing Braces' Ruling
    'Congress Was Held Captive': Hakeem Jeffries Comments On Republican-Led House, Kevin McCarthy
    Matt Gaetz, Mike Rogers Address Friday Altercation On House Floor
    Gingrich Comments On House Republican Turmoil Following Speaker Votes
    WATCH: Rep. Gaetz Says He Will Resign From Congress if Democrats Join Up to Elect a Moderate Republican Speaker
    McCarthy Nominated for 11th Ballot in the Longest House Speaker Contest in 164 Years — Loses Again
    BREAKING: Matt Gaetz Votes Trump For House Speaker
    AOC, Matt Gaetz Exchange Remarks Following Speaker Vote
    Gaetz: McCarthy Reportedly Texted Republican Who Voted Against Him
    Gaetz Demands McCarthy Stop ‘Occupying’ Speaker’s Office, Asks When He Will Be Considered a ‘Squatter’
    WATCH: Gaetz Emerges From McCarthy's Office After 'Brief, But Productive' Meeting — Tells Reporters He's Still a 'No' Vote
    Former CNN Cameraman Sentenced to Six Months of House Arrest for Threatening to Kill Rep. Matt Gaetz and His Family
    Additional Audio Leaks of Kevin McCarthy Wishing for Fellow House Republicans to Be Banned on Social Media
    Rep. Gaetz to Introduce 'Spook Who Cried Wolf' Resolution to Bar Security Clearances of Officials Who Lied About Hunter Biden's Laptop
    Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene Call For More Info From Jan. 6 Committee at Anniversary Event