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Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene Call For More Info From Jan. 6 Committee at Anniversary Event

Gaetz called the event a possible “fedsurection” given the unexplained role of federal agencies in the event

Representative Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Tayor Greene held a press conference to discuss the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol and the current state of Congress’s investigation.

“We know this. What happened last year was not an insurrection,” Gaetz told the members of the media. “It may have very well been a fedsurection.”

Gaetz explained that he and Greene had repeatedly requested information from the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland with no results.

“It seems like senior officials in our justice department have no problem giving long speeches to try to political target and smear those they disagree with, but they don’t answer the questions that can get to the truth of what really happened on January 6,” Gaetz said.

Gaetz and Greene, who represent Florida and Georgia, respectively, walked reporters through the infamous day’s events using videos recorded on the scene before the security breach. Footage included clips of Ray Epps, a man accused of being an FBI plant removed from the agency’s Capitol Violence Most Wanted List on July 1, telling the assembled that they needed to go into the Capitol.

They also noted that John Sullivan, the man who recorded Ashli Babbit’s death in the Capitol and sold the footage to the media, had not been arrested for his involvement on Jan. 6.

Both representatives noted they had planned to object to the presidential election votes tallied in Michigan on the day of the riot. They said they could not do so because of the evacuation that followed the security breach.

Gaetz and Greene contended that, throughout history, FBI data suggests a possible pattern of federal agents and informants, who “animated and encouraged”  criminal activity, escalating situations more than they would have developed without their interference. 

The representatives affirmed that they did not support violence and called for the hours of security footage captured at the Capitol that day to be released.

They also called on the federal government to use the January 6 committee correctly to investigate the events at the Capitol. The two contend the committee is unwilling to press the FBI on its actions and decisions that day and leading up to Jan.6, 2021.

Greene drew attention to the judicial disparity between the treatment of those involved in the security breach and the Black Live Matter protestors who damaged cities while rioting during the summer of 2020.

“With the U.S. Capitol riot, there are over 725 arrests that I know of and only one of those cases has been dropped,” Greene said. “For BLM-Antifa riots, there were over 16,240 arrests, and over 90% of those cases have been dropped. What’s the difference there, everyone?

“I’ll tell you. For the BLM Antifa riots and violence, the victims were the American people and communities and cities all across our country. But on January 6th, you know who the victim was? It was the Capitol and the members of Congress inside,” she continued. “Why is this Congress obsessed with itself and cares nothing about the American people?”

Gaetz and Greene reiterated that they believe many of the people arrested for their alleged involvement in the security breach are having their due process rights violated while being held in jail.

They both confirmed they would not attend the vigil tonight at the D.C. jail for those arrested in connection with the Capitol security breach.

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6 responses to “Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene Call For More Info From Jan. 6 Committee at Anniversary Event”

  1. PresidentJ says:

    I’m actually impressed. I disagree with both of them on issues, but man they are 100% right about this. There is something totally fishy about this whole thing, especially when it comes to the Feds.

  2. HerrDoktor says:

    Gaetz is completely correct — We already have a confession from Cryin’ Chuck Schumer that January 6th was the Fed’s Erection.

  3. prcntm_2nd_try says:

    Something I considered last night: The Members of Congress on the January 6th Committee see themselves as the victims of a crime. Nowhere else in our justice system do we let the victims determine both the guilt of the alleged perpetrators and the sentence of the alleged guilty parties. This revelation is enough for me to accept the argument that the January 6th Committee is unconstitutional and criminal. It’s a witch hunt.

  4. snick3rsz says:

    Completely agree. It was really eye opening to see MTG in a sit-down conversation. Glad to know SOMEone at Capitol Hill is contesting the Jan 6 Committee garbage.

  5. Turk_Longwell says:

    Excellent Words from both of them. I agree with 100% of what their quotes are.
    After yesterday’s IRL episode, I’ll be watching these two from now on.

  6. pandusa says:

    We can settle ALL this by releasing the VIDEO tape. Then, we can see who did what. I am not afraid because if you have nothing to hide…you hide NOTHING. I am glad to see COURAGE in action with these two ! Gee, I will have to resume politician letter writing…. again.