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Over One Million People Have Been Arrested at US-Mexico Border in the Last Six Months
US Braces for Massive Surge in Illegal Immigration if Title 42 Revoked
Senators Introduce TRUCKERS Act, Prohibiting Vaccination Requirements for Non-American Commerical Drivers
Israel Authorizes Measures to Improve Palestinian Relations
Illegal Migrants Offer Daily Caller Reporter a 9-Year-Old 'Little Girl' in Exchange for Helping Them Cross Border
Soft Secession or Federalism In Action?
REPORT: Seizures of Fentanyl at US-Mexico Border Doubled in the Last 12 Months
US To Open Border To Fully Vaccinated Travelers from Mexico and Canada
Democrats Vote Against Bill Requiring COVID Test For Illegal Immigrants Before Their Release
Over 8,000 Mostly Haitian Migrants Waiting to Be Processed Under a Bridge in Texas
BREAKING: TX Police Dept Issues ‘Public Warning’ After ‘COVID-Stricken Migrants’ Released by Border Patrol
REPORT: 50,000 Migrants Released into the US by Border Patrol, Just 13% Show Up to an ICE Office
Texas Sheriffs Sue Biden Admin For Restricting ICE Amid Border Crisis
With a Billionaire's Support, Gov. Kristi Noem deploys National Guard to the Southern Border