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    Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Accused of Being a 'Nonbinary and Transgender Extravaganza'
    EXCLUSIVE: FDA Drastically Cuts All Primate Testing, Shuts Down Major Monkey Lab, Following White Coat Waste Project Campaign
    Non-Resident Granted Right to Die by Assisted Suicide in Vermont Despite Regulations
    Portland Bird Conservation Group Drops 'Audubon’ from Name, Cites Racism and Slavery
    Phyllis Schlafly: The So-Called First Lady of Anti-Feminism
    FDA’s Primate Abuse Drops By 44% Due to Successful Campaigns By White Coat Waste — They Hope to Make it 100% With New Lawsuit
    New York Court Rules Happy the Elephant is Not a Person
    Arizona Black Leaders Address Race-Based Abortion
    San Francisco School District Drops 'Chief' From Job Titles Out of Concern for Cultural Insensitivity
    Dr. Fauci Says Infected People May Need a Test to End Five-Day Isolation
    Black Lives Matter Backs Jussie Smollett After Guilty Verdict
    Students Want Arizona State University to Kick Out Kyle Rittenhouse
    MTV Plans to Counter Anti-LGBT Laws in Hungary During European Music Awards
    Trans Employees At Netflix Will Have 'Day of Rest' To Protest Dave Chappelle's Comedy Special
    Novelist Declines Hebrew Translation of New Book Due to ‘Apartheid’ of Palestinian People