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MTV Plans to Counter Anti-LGBT Laws in Hungary During European Music Awards

The events location was set two years in advance

MTV reaffirmed that its Europe Music Awards will be held in Hungary despite the nation’s widely denounced law regarding the promotion of LGBTQ issues.

According to Chris McCarthy, the president and CEO of MTV Entertainment Group Worldwide, the ceremony will make a stand for gay and trans civil rights worldwide and that no censorship of the broadcast will be “tolerated.”

“We’re looking forward to using the event to amplify our voices and stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ siblings,” McCarthy told The Associated Press.

He said the company does not allow editorial input regarding artists or content.

“That’s always a condition regardless of whatever country we go into,” he added.

In an internal memo to employees, McCarthy explained that Hungary had been set as the location nearly two years earlier.

“I have to be honest with you, as a gay man, my personal emotions got the better of me,” he wrote. “After learning this legislation passed, my knee-jerk reaction was that we should move the event to another country.”

He wrote that he reached out to LGBTQ+ groups including All Out and Emerge, in addition to LGBTQ+ advocates in Hungary.

“The decision was very clear to all of us,” McCarthy wrote. “We should not move the event. Instead, we should move forward, using the show as an opportunity to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community in Hungary and around the world as we continue to fight for equality for all.”

The company announced on Oct. 19 that it would join a global partnership with All Out with the 2021 MTV EMA Generation Change Award. The award will honor someone who advocates against policies considered to be anti- LGBTQ. 

“As a global organization fighting for equality around the world, we are excited to deepen our partnership with MTV Entertainment to act in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community around the world,” Matt Beard, executive director of All Out, said in a statement.

“Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s conservative ruling party introduced the measure that on its face was aimed at fighting pedophilia. Amendments ban the representation of any orientation besides heterosexual, along with gender change information in school sex education programs, or in films and advertisements aimed at anyone under 18,” per AP News.

The legislation has largely been denounced as an attack on LGBTQ people. Europeans decried the prime minister after the Union of European Football Association announced LGBTQ+ themed advertisements would not be permitted at the quarter-finals in Hungary.

MTV’s 2021 EMAs will broadcast live from Papp László Budapest Sportaréna in Hungary on Nov. 14. Artists and planned performances have not been announced.

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6 responses to “MTV Plans to Counter Anti-LGBT Laws in Hungary During European Music Awards”

  1. pandusa says:

    Oops. I forgot. You seem to be INCAPABLE of reflection. Sorry.

  2. pandusa says:

    Yep dude, move it to LaLa land where you can day dream, celebrate yourselves, and make up terms to your hearts content. You are estimated a little higher due to the converted and confused to 5.6% of the population. We ALL have issues and manage to deal with them. Stop splattering yours on everyone else. You can call your new abode Narcissus… but be careful not to fall into your reflection.

  3. AndyfromWrexham says:

    I wish more countries were as based as Hungary and Poland. I’m sick of this shit

  4. FredF1 says:

    Viktor Orban just cancel their permit to the event! Hungary has their rule and regulations, if you don’t like them just get the hell out. This movement thinks that their entitled to impose their ways on others. Remember your rights end where mine begin.

  5. UppityG says:

    I’m so sick of being treated like a monster just because I don’t want to advocate for a lifestyle I know nothing about, while not being allowed to advocate for MY lifestyle. Just because Hungary is done with being bullied into waving a flag that’s not for their team does not mean they hate the alphabets. Lefties never respect other people’s boundaries which forces other people to enforce them, which of course hurts the lefties’ feelings.

    Good. It should happen a lot more. Until they pick up their marbles and go the fuck home and leave the rest of us the fuck alone.

  6. PolishMP731 says:

    Good for Hungary. More countries need to adopt this.