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Georgia Governor Signs Constitutional Carry Bill Into Law
President Joe Biden Announces Serial Number Requirements for 'Ghost Gun'
Biden Calls for More Gun Control in Wake of Sacramento Shooting
Ohio Becomes The 23rd State To Pass Constitutional, Permit-less Concealed Carry Gun Law
Citizens of Alabama No Longer Need a Permit to Carry a Concealed Gun
Ukraine Says They Have Supplied 18,000 Weapons to Citizens, Anti-Gun Leftists Celebrate Their Efforts
Gun Manufacturer Remington to Pay Sandy Hook Families $73 Million Settlement
Biden Calls for Greater Gun Control on Anniversary of Parkland School Shooting
Federal Officials Charge Man Who Allegedly Sold Gun Used in Synagogue Hostage Incident
San Jose Passes Nation’s First Gun Liability Insurance Law
Two $100M Lawsuits Filed in Oxford School Shooting
San Francisco Restaurant Owners Apologize After Refusing to Serve Police
Parents of Michigan High School Shooter Arrested, Plead Not Guilty
Support for Gun Control Hits Lowest Point Since 2014
Biden Administration Collected Records From Millions of Gun Owners
Dwayne Johnson Commits to Using 'Rubber Guns' on Film Sets
State Senator Proposes Castle Doctrine Expansion in Pennsylvania
One Fatality on Movie Set After Actor Alec Baldwin Discharges Loaded Prop Gun
Four States Will Share Gun Data in an Effort to Prevent Crimes
Almost Half of New Gun Owners are Women, Harvard Study Finds
Federal Court Vacates Ruling on Gun Restrictions for Americans Under the Age of 21
Mexican Government Files Lawsuit Against US Gun Manufacturers