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    House Republicans Blast ATF In Hearing Over Pistol Brace Ban
    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Orders Health Care Changes in An Effort to Reduce Military Suicides
    Gun Maker Sturm, Ruger and Co Sued by Son of Colorado Mass Shooting Victim
    Special Prosecutor In Baldwin Trial Steps Down After Legal Team Cites Her 'Unconstitutional' Status As Republican Lawmaker
    West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice Signs Campus Carry Into Law
    Discover Card Will Start Tracking Customer's Gun Purchases Beginning in April
    Texas College Students Can Now Carry Guns on Campus
    GOP Rep. Introduces Bill To Make AR-15 'National Gun of America'
    DOJ Awarding $231 Million For 'Red Flag' Laws
    Canada Drops Ban on 'Assault-Style Weapons' Amid Debate Over New Gun Regulations
    'Similar To Cars': California State Senators Introduce Gun Owner Insurance Legislation
    ATF Issues Guidance Closing 'Ghost Gun' Loophole
    Director James Cameron to Cut Gun Scenes From his Movies
    Buffalo Sues Multiple Gun Manufactures Including Smith & Wesson, Beretta, and Glock
    GOP Reps. Rebuff CDC After Agency Deletes Defensive Gun Use Data From Website
    New Jersey Senate Passes Gun Control Bill
    Guns N' Roses Files a Lawsuit Against Texas Gun Shop Over Its Name
    Voter-Approved Gun Control Law Challenged by Oregon Firearms Federation, NRA
    18 State AGs Concerned FedEx, UPS Tracking Gun Sales For Biden Administration
    Number of Gunowners Who Carry on Their Person Daily Doubled in 4 Years
    Oregon Passes One of the Most Restrictive Gun Control Measures In the U.S.
    Biden: 'My Legislation Says There Can Be No More Than Eight Bullets in a Round, Okay?' (VIDEO)