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“Black Lives Matter”

BLM Tax Filing Reveals Millions Of Dollars In Suspicious Spending
Indiana Attorney General Sues Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter Defends $5.8 Million Purchase Of Mansion
Black Lives Matter Purchased $5.8M Mansion From Friend Who Paid $3.1M Days Earlier
Black Lives Matter Purchased A $6 Million Home With Donor Funds
Man Who Traveled to Portland BLM Riots and Threw Molotovs at Police Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Attempted Murder
BLM Activist and Husband Indicted on Fraud Charges
Jury Returns Guilty Verdict For Three Officers Involved in George Floyd's Death
Antifa Shuts Down Press Conference About Shooting During Portland Anti-Cop Protest (VIDEO)
California DOJ Labels BLM Organization Delinquent Over $60 Million in Unaccountable Funds
BLM's $60 Million In Funding Left Unmanaged
‘Black Lives Matter’ Mocks Police, Says Depts Use ‘Tearjerker’ Press Conferences After Officers Are Shot
Portland Police Under Investigation for Meme About Beating 'Dirty Hippies'
RIGHTEOUS RAGE? Minneapolis Dem Leader Says Attacking Police Stations an ‘Act of Pure Righteousness’
Black Lives Matter Chapter Says Everyone Who Flies American Flag is Dumb and 'Racist'