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Over 40% Small Businesses Can't Afford to Pay Rent This Month
Thanksgiving Dinner Will Be 20 Percent More Expensive This Year
U.S. Consumer Debt Rises At Fastest Pace in 20 Years
Fuel Company Issues Diesel Shortage Warning For East Coast
Economy Still Top Concern For Voters Ahead of Midterms
OPEC Cuts Oil Production as U.S. Strategic Reserve Hits 40-Year Low
Evictions Are Surging Across the U.S.
18 Retired Military Leaders Ask Biden to Boost Domestic Energy Production
Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Will Cost $420 Billion, CBO Says
Colorado Will Raise Minimum Wage to $13.65 Due to Inflation
Year-Over-Year Inflation Soars At 8.3%
'It's A Risk': Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Warns Of Higher Gas Prices This Winter
Regal Cinemas Parent Company Cineworld Files for Bankruptcy
Inflation & Soaring Food Prices Are Increasing Risk of Civil Unrest
Jerome Powell Warns of 'Pain' to U.S. Households as Federal Reserve Continues Action to Dampen Inflation
German Energy Crisis Has Cities Shutting Off Some Hot Water
Flashback: Bill Clinton's Views On Recession Clash With Biden Admin's Narrative
U.S. Economy Shrinks Nearly 1% Signaling Recession
Biden Sets Record For Highest Inflation Among Any Elected US President
Biden Travels to Cleveland to Announce $97B Pension Fund Bailout
Nearly 9 in 10 Americans Say the Country is On the Wrong Track
Minimum Wage in LA Exceeds $16 per Hour