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    U.S. Credit Card Debt Soars To Record $1.08 Trillion
    After Draining U.S. Strategic Oil Reserve To Record Lows, Biden Admin Preps More Releases
    Oil Prices Spike Amid Middle East Conflict
    Homeowners Feel Pinch As Interest Rates Hit 22-Year High
    Biden Admin Delays Refilling U.S. Strategic Oil Reserve
    Inflation Drops to Lowest Point Since 2021
    Indiana Opens Business Office in South Korea to Pursue Energy and Technology Investments
    As The White House Pitches 'Bidenomics' Messaging, 34% of Americans Approve of the President's Economic Record
    Inflation Cools To 4%, The Lowest Rate Since 2021
    Bill Ackman Warns Banking System In 'Grave Risk'
    GOP-Led States Rank Highest For Economic Outlook: New Report
    Biden Budget Plan Will Spike Debt to 'New Record' of 110% of GDP, Watchdog Says
    U.S. Homeowners Lost $2.3T In Value During Second Half of 2022
    Minimum Wages Increased in 23 States
    National Gas Prices Projected To Rise By Spring 2023
    Treasury Secretary Predicts Inflation Cooling in 2023
    Over 40% Small Businesses Can't Afford to Pay Rent This Month
    Thanksgiving Dinner Will Be 20 Percent More Expensive This Year
    U.S. Consumer Debt Rises At Fastest Pace in 20 Years
    Fuel Company Issues Diesel Shortage Warning For East Coast
    Economy Still Top Concern For Voters Ahead of Midterms
    OPEC Cuts Oil Production as U.S. Strategic Reserve Hits 40-Year Low