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    The Richest 1% Emit As Much Pollution As the Poorest Two-Thirds of World's Population
    Toyota Chairman Says People Finally 'Seeing Reality' That Electric Vehicles Aren't Key To Carbon Neutrality
    Climate Scientist Slams Anti-Climate Change Suppression In Publications
    'New Normal': Hawaiian Senator Says Maui Fire Caused By Climate Change
    Electric Vehicle Fires Wreak Havoc Across 'Climate-Friendly' New York City
    Hawaii Senator Says Maui Fire Is Byproduct Of Climate Change
    NASA Data Show Volcanic Eruption, Not Man-Made Climate Change, Likely Cause of Record Heat Wave
    Hillary Clinton Blames MAGA Republicans For Summer Weather
    'I Don’t Believe There is a Climate Crisis,' Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Says
    NYC Aims to Crack Down On Pizza Ovens to Reduce Carbon Emissions
    Colorado City Wants To Ban New Gas Stations to Fight Climate Change
    Nikki Haley Proposes Carbon Capture Technology To Address Climate Change
    GM To Invest $650M In Nevada Lithium Mine
    New Study Examines Coffee Consumption's Impact On Climate Change
    EU Approves Carbon Tax For Individuals
    Governors of Three West Coast States and a Canadian Official Sign Climate Agreement
    Climate Activist Director Steven Spielberg Has Burned Over $116,000 in Fuel for Private Jet Since June
    Lawmakers Ask Supreme Court to Reinstate Ruling Blocking Use of ‘Social Cost’ Metric in Climate Measures
    New Study Shows Good News For Climate Change
    Biden Approves More Oil and Gas Drilling On Public Land Than Trump
    Study: Impact Of Emissions Scenarios On Antarctic Sea Ice Won't Be Felt This Century
    BERNIE SOUNDS OFF! Sanders Exclaims Droughts Are Hitting ‘Every Country on Earth’