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    Conservative Writer Says U.S. Must 'Destroy' Mexican Drug Cartels
    Mexican Drug Cartel Apologizes After Kidnapping Of Four American Citizens
    Federal Judge Orders Biden Admin. To End 'Catch-And-Release' Border Policies
    Arizona Congressman Accuses Republicans of 'Slandering the Whole Border Region'
    Poker Player Regrets COVID-19 Vaccination In Leaked Audio
    Arizona Rancher Held on $1 Million Bond for Allegedly Killing a Mexican Man on His Property
    NYC Funding Bus Trips for Migrants to Upstate New York, Canada
    El Paso Builds Wall of Shipping Containers Along U.S. Border
    Arizona Agrees to Remove Shipping Container Barricade from Gaps in Border Wall
    Texas National Guard Secures Border With Razor Wire, Military Vehicles
    El Paso Declares Emergency Amid Border Crisis
    Gov. Abbott Announces Texas Border Wall Construction Will Restart
    Texas Court Rules Appeals from Arrested Illegal Immigrants Must Be Heard Near the Border
    White House Pressured El Paso Mayor to Not Declare Emergency Over Border
    Canada To Drop COVID-19 International Travel Requirements
    US Border Patrol is offering up to $10k Signing Bonus For New Recruits
    Four Horseback Border Patrol Agents to Face Discipline Although Agency Reports There is 'No Evidence Any Agent Struck Migrant'
    At Least 50 Migrants Found Dead in Abandoned Tractor-Trailer in Texas, Governor Says Biden to Blame
    Psaki Questioned On The 42 Suspected Terrorists Potentially Released Into US
    Governor Greg Abbott's Tenth Bus of Illegal Immigrants Reaches Washington DC
    Former President of Honduras Extradited to the US on Drug Trafficking Charges
    REPORT: Border Patrol Stopped 23 Migrants on Terrorist List In 2021