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US Border Patrol is offering up to $10k Signing Bonus For New Recruits

Agency: 'CBP and law enforcement agencies across the country are facing unprecedented challenges in hiring and recruiting'

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is recruiting entry-level and experienced law enforcement professionals and is holding a virtual career expo on Sept. 13.

“CBP is hiring, and we’re offering qualified candidates an opportunity to join a diverse team of individuals across a variety of backgrounds to make a difference for their country and community,” said Assistant Commissioner Human Resources Management Andrea Bright. “Whether on the frontline or behind the scenes, CBP needs agents and officers to fill critical border security and law enforcement positions across the country.”

Since President Joe Biden took office 19 months ago, an estimated five million illegal aliens have crossed into the U.S. through the nation’s southern border, a crisis one Texas sheriff called a “tsunami of death.”

CBP agents have had more than two million migrant encounters in this fiscal year alone — that figure does not take into account the illegal aliens who have evaded Border Patrol.

Migrants suffering from dehydration amid the summer heat and the dangers of trying to cross the hazardous Rio Grande are a regular occurrence. Last week, at least eight migrants were killed attempting to cross the Rio Grande. Thirty-seven migrants were rescued, 16 were detained and 39 were taken into custody by Mexican officials.

On Sept. 6, CBP Chief Raul Ortiz said that in three days, agents encountered 2,690 migrants, facilitated more than 90 rescues, and confiscated 100 fentanyl pills and 71 pounds of methamphetamine.

“CBP and law enforcement agencies across the country are facing unprecedented challenges in hiring and recruiting,” Bright added. “To combat these challenges, CBP is offering a $5K to $10K recruitment incentive for Border Patrol Agents, special salary rates for Air Interdiction Agents (Pilots) and incentives for new agents and officers in certain duty locations, along with other benefits.”

Border Patrol activity is not limited to America’s southern border or the U.S. CBP says it conducts operations in 48 countries, 328 ports of entry, 135 Border Patrol stations, and 74 Air and Marine Operations locations.

The Fall 2022 Virtual Career Expo will feature presentations by current agents and separate breakout sessions on current opportunities and the hiring process.

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