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Surgeon General Warns That 13-Year-Old Children Are Too Young to Be On Social Media
DOJ Files 'Historic' Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google
District Judge Denies Terminated Twitter Employees' Class Action Lawsuit
Missouri AG Releases Docs Exposing Biden Admin Social Media Censorship
Jim Jordan to Chair 'Weaponization of Government' Subcommittee
Biden To Provide Communications Between Government, Meta, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Per Federal Judge
Kansas Governor Laura Kelly Becomes First Democrat to Ban TikTok on State-Owned Devices
Two-Thirds of Voters Want Congress to Investigate FBI Involvement in Social Media Censorship
Hawley: FBI Officials 'Should Go to Jail' For Election Interference
OPINION: The TikTok Threat Might Be Worse Than You Thought
Poll: Majority of Americans Want Investigations Into Social Media Companies
Democrats Push For Federal Investigation of Twitter
Elon Musk Tweets Video Entering Twitter HQ, Updates Bio to 'Chief Twit' as Deal Nears Closing (VIDEO)
Judge Orders Fauci, Other Biden Admin Officials to Be Deposed in Lawsuit on Big Tech Censorship
Biden Admin May Freeze Musk's Twitter Acquisition, Citing 'National Security'
Kanye West to Buy Social Media Platform Parler After Being Censored on Twitter and Instagram
Republican AGs Sue Biden Admin, Dozens of Others Over Alleged COVID-19 Censorship
Gmail Suppressing Republican Campaign Emails, RNC Claims
Judicial Watch Sues California, Accuses State of Influencing YouTube to Censor Video
TikTok Could Be Fined More Than $29M Over Failure To Protect Childrens' Privacy
Twitch to Ban Streams of Gambling Website That Include 'Slots, Roulette, or Dice'
Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Strengthening Online Protections For Kids