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Mug Club, Louder With Crowder To Join Rumble Exclusives

'We're betting on ourselves, and Rumble is a hedge on those bets ... YouTube's gonna be pissed'

Steven Crowder, comedian and host of Louder With Crowder, revealed his show would move exclusively to Rumble on Tuesday night.

The announcement follows a several-month-long search for an outlet to host Crowder’s show and “Mug Club” fan club.

In December, Crowder announced Mug Club and Louder With Crowder would be leaving conservative media outlet the Blaze, which hosted Crowder’s show since 2017.

Crowder revealed he was in talks with a separate conservative media company, though initially declined to reveal the outlet, criticizing their proposed term sheet in a video released in January.

Co-CEO of the Daily Wire Jeremy Boreing revealed his outlet was in fact the company Crowder was referring to in a video. Boreing rebutted Crowder’s criticism by suggesting the Louder With Crowder host could have negotiated his contract’s terms.

Crowder responded to Boreing’s video by revealing a snippet of audio in which the Daily Wire co-CEO appears to refer to creators as “wage slaves” who “make a salary and grow their brand.”

“It’s official… [Rumble Video] is the new home for Mug Club,” Crowder wrote.

“Betting on ourselves, and Rumble is a hedge on those bets,” Crowder said in the late-Tuesday announcement. “There’s gonna be some headaches … YouTube’s gonna be pissed.”

Crowder, similar to his show’s previous iteration on the Blaze, will produce four one-hour long episodes each week followed by a 30-minute question and answer session for Mug Club subscribers, according to Rumble’s official announcement.

“YouTube is making some mistakes, and I think places like Rumble are picking it up, and they’re not forcing me any more than they are forcing you to fit into a box. They’re just saying, Hey, here’s a playground and let us have your back and at least be wind in your sails,” said Crowder. “This is the first time I’ve signed a contract, I will say this, and I’m really excited – really excited because every single conversation that we had with Rumble was how to make it better for the user; how to make it better for the viewer, and that for me is true North.”

“Steven Crowder is one of the biggest and most talented podcasters in the world, period,” said Rumble Chairman and CEO Chris Pavlovski. “Not only does Crowder bring amazing content to the table, but he also brings a huge audience and a large number of subscribers with his Mug Club community,” he continued. “Crowder played a huge role in driving our growth in viewership during the U.S. midterm election in November 2022. We are excited to capitalize on our opportunity in news and political commentary content as we lead up to the U.S. Presidential Election in 2024.”

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