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    Florida State Rep. Introduces Abortion Bill Similar to Texas Heartbeat Act
    Leaked Documents Indicate Wuhan Scientists Planned To Release Engineered Coronaviruses Into Bats
    George W. Bush to Hold Fundraiser For Liz Cheney Ahead of 2022 Election
    Lawmakers Introduce Ban On Dishonorable Discharges For Unvaccinated Military Members
    'Squad' Members Convince Dems to Slash $1 Billion in Aid for Israel’s Missile Defense Shield
    Operation Lone Star receives $100 Million in Additional Funding For Border Security
    Florida Court Grants Temporary Injunction Against Gainesville Vaccine Mandate
    Vermont School Board Votes to Continue Flying Black Lives Matter Flags on K-12 Campuses, Despite Protest From Parents
    Pandemic Induced Birth Rate Decline is Slowing According to New Data
    Trump Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against New York Times for Publishing Confidential Tax Docs
    Texas Lawmakers Who Voted for New Abortion Law Notified of 'Credible Threat' to Their Safety
    California Public Pension Fund Sent $41 Million to Over 22,000 Dead People
    Terrorist Who Killed 13 US Servicemembers In Kabul Was Freed After Biden Withdrawal
    Trudeau Stays in Office But Fails to Secure a Majority in Canadian Parliament
    New Jersey Governor and D.C Mayor Mandate Vaccines for All Child Care Worker
    Family Guy Releases 'Schoolhouse Rock!' Style Pro-Vaccine Ad (VIDEO)
    Climate Anxiety Inhibits The Daily Lives Of Almost Half of Global Youth
    Teacher Posts Essay on Reasons She’s ‘About to Quit,’ Claims ‘Thousands of Others’ Will Do the Same
    Two Men Arrested in New Zealand for Smuggling KFC into COVID Locked-Down Auckland
    Funeral Truck At NFL Game That Read 'Don’t Get Vaccinated' was Part of Pro-Vaccination Ad Campaign
    STUDY: Two Doses of J&J Vaccine 94% Effective Against COVID-19
    Chicago Mayor Proposes Paying Poor Families $500 per Month