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'The Rock' Says Friends Have Loyalty To Democratic Party Rather Than Joe Biden

Johnson said it was 'important context' that his friends did not support Biden

Actor and former professional wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said he has friends who only support President Joe Biden out of loyalty to the Democratic Party.

Johnson made his comment during a Wednesday episode of comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

Rogan and Johnson discussed being friends with people of different political views.

“When I was a kid, you could have a Republican friend,” Rogan said. “No big deal.”

“Oh, Bobby likes George Bush, who cares? Who gives a f—?” he said. “You were a supporter of Bill Clinton, he liked George Bush. Nobody cared.”

The comedian said nobody shot expletives or referred to people as “Nazis” for having different political beliefs.

“What do you mean I’m a Nazi? I just want lower taxes,” he added as Johnson laughed. “What are you saying? How did I become a Nazi?”

“It’s the craziest thing,” Johnson said to Rogan, “I have friends who support Trump. I have friends who support Biden.”

Rogan cut Johnson off and asked if he in fact had friends who supported Biden.

Johnson laughed at Rogan’s response and replied, “That’s a good check, because that’s important.”

“This is important context,” Johnson said as Rogan surmised the actor’s friends supported the Democratic Party rather than Biden.

“I have friends who are loyal to the party, yes,” Johnson agreed with Rogan.

Rogan also referenced Johnson’s previous remarks about seeking a presidential run in 2017 and 2021.

“Dude, so one of the parties came to visit me at the end of last year asking for me to run for president,” Johnson told Rogan. “First of all, it was incredibly f—ing surreal cause I was the guy who’s wrestling in flea markets looking for free corndogs and hotdogs.”

“But also so incredible that they had all this data they had said if this happens here’s the result,” Johnson said. “I appreciate it and I’m f—ing honored.”

“It made me think, either this is an incredible thing and I got some pretty decent leadership skills or things are so f—ed up,” he added.

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