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Christie Says Trump Will Be a ‘Felon’ by Spring, Claims Nation's Founders are 'Rolling in Their Graves'

'George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin are rolling in their graves.'

Former New Jersey Governor and current 2024 GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie claims that former President Donald Trump will be a “felon” by spring.

Christie made the assertion during an interview with Jake Tapper on Thursday’s episode of CNN’s “The Lead.”

The longshot candidate claimed that America’s founding fathers would not have assumed that a felon could run for the presidency, or else, he said, they would have banned it.

Christie also noted that Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis both raised their hands during the first debate when asked if they will support Trump if he becomes the nominee and is convicted.

“Remember, both of them raised their hand on the stage in the first debate and said they would support [Trump] even if he’s a convicted felon. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin are rolling in their graves,” Christie said.

“If they knew that anyone would have had the audacity, as a felon — which Donald Trump will be, come this spring — to run for president, and that other people running for the office would be willing to support someone like that, they would have added, ‘You can’t be a convicted felon,’ to ‘age 35’ and ‘natural-born American citizen,’ as requirements for the presidency.”

Trump, who is the leading candidate by a landslide, is facing 91 felony counts across four indictments.

“To say that you could be the rightful heir of the legacy of Washington and Adams and Lincoln and FDR, as someone who’d say I will support a convicted felon, that gives me grave concerns, Jake, about their judgment and whether it’s just nothing more than craven politics,” he said.

When asked if Haley or DeSantis would make a better president than Trump, Christie said that he is “not ready” to make that call.

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