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Michael Rapaport Says Voting For Trump Is 'On The Table'

'We need to get this whole f---ing situation under control'

Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport said voting for former President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election was “on the table.”

Rapaport has been an outspoken critic of the former president and frequently shares videos expressing frustration with Trump on social media.

In a Thursday video shared to X, Rapaport revealed he may consider voting for Trump in 2024.

“If it comes down to pig d–k Donald Trump and smokin’ Joe Biden, I’m sorry,” Rapaport said in his Thursday video. “I am sorry, but voting for pig d–k Donald Trump is on the table.”

“I’m f—ing sorry,” Rappaport insisted. “I’ll still call him slob d–k Donald Trump, pig d–k Donald Trump, and all that.”

“But we need to get this whole f—ing situation under control,” he concluded.

In a follow-up Thursday post, Rapaport shared an image with text reading, “If you’re not being called RACIST at least once a day ONLINE, you’re doing something wrong.”

On Wednesday, Rapaport shared a clip from his show, I AM RAPAPORT: STEREO PODCAST, to X and said he was “too far” and “too deep down” the “Michael Rapaport full truth, and nothing but the truth rabbit hole to pull back.”

The actor said he had “conversations” with the former President and said he “might vote for that motherf—er.”

“Oh yeah, I’ll break your hearts,” he said.

Rapaport said President Joe Biden “says the right things about Israel,” though criticized pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist protestors in New York for pulling down United Nations flags, Israeli flags, and American flags during Veteran’s Day demonstrations.

“When the economy is the way the economy is,” he continued. “When I’m paying mortgage rates … forget a colonoscopy,” he joked, “you don’t need to get a colonoscopy, go buy a house.”

Rapaport reiterated he was “too far down the disruptive warrior rabbit hole to pull back now.”

Earlier this week, the comedian revealed he had lost work because of his outspoken political beliefs.

“I literally just lost ANOTHER paid job because of comments I’ve made about SLOB D–K DONALD TRUMP,” Rapaport wrote. “Third one this year that I’m aware of.”

Rapaport has also reposted several posts from alternative media accounts including Libs of TikTok and Andy Ngo of The Post Millennial.

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