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Snoop Dogg Announces He's Giving Up Marijuana

No reason was given for the unexpected decision to stop lighting up the 'Sticky Icky'

Rap music icon Snoop Dogg says that he is giving up smoking marijuana.

The surprise announcement was made to his 20.7 million followers on the social media platform X in a statement, which read: “After much consideration & conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time.”

Snoop, a music icon who has been nominated for and won a list of awards too long to recount here, has a brand identity that has been inseparable from the “sticky icky,” a colloquial term for marijuana.

During a Reddit Q&A session last year, Snoop said he smoked 81 blunts per day, a number so high it was thought to be a joke. He later said that he smokes between 15-25 blunts a day, adding that the longest he’s ever gone within smoking is 164 days.

It’s unclear as to whether it was a joint decision with his family, given that Snoop, who is often seen in public settings smoking a blunt, has not yet indicated why he intends to quit smoking.

Following the announcement, while many of his fans supported his decision to leave the high life, others were quick to troll him on social media.

In 2015, he released his own branded marijuana line “Leafs by Snoop,” which were initially sold in Colorado, one of the first states to legalize marijuana.

“Leafs by Snoop is truly the first mainstream cannabis brand in the world and proud to be a pioneer,” Snoop said at the time. “LBS is blazing a trail for the industry.”

The same year, an Oregon-based dispensary donated roughly $5,000 marijuana flower, edibles, and topicals to the rapper and his entourage. At least two dozen other companies made similar offers. However, under Oregon state law, the total amount would have been illegal to possess.

Though the website for the brand is no longer active, the rapper has a strain of weed named after him, called “Snoop Dogg OG,” a hybrid native-indica blend that has genetics from Lemon OG and Sour Diesel strains.

“The diesel aroma of Snoop Dogg OG dominates the less prominent lemon notes, making this strain remarkably similar to OG Kush in both aroma and bud structure,” writes the cannabis industry website Leafly. “Snoop Dogg OG begins with a wave of racing creativity that later ebbs into balanced focus and appetite stimulation.”

Fans not ready to disconnect the famous rapper from smoking can also select a strain called “Snoop’s Dream” or another called “Grimm Dogg,” according to Leafly.

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