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    Congress Reaches Deal to End Military Vaccine Mandate
    New Study Examines Link Between COVID Vaccination and Myocarditis As 'Likely Cause of Death'
    Scientists Develop Fentanyl Vaccine That Protects Against The Opioid's Effects
    Judge Ends New York's Vaccine Mandate For City Workers
    New York City Eliminates Private Sector Vaccine Mandate
    Austria Suspends Vaccine Mandate Days Before Enforcement Began
    Study: Pfizer Vaccine Was Only 12% Effective For Kids During Omicron Wave
    Biden’s Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate Blocked Nationwide
    White House Tells Businesses To Implement Vaccine Mandate Despite Court-Ordered Pause
    Fox News Requires Disclosure of Vaccination Status from Employees
    Over 240 Students at University of Virginia Disenrolled Because They Are Unvaccinated
    U.S. Government Will Recommend Booster Shots 8 months After Vaccinations
    New Study: Over 30% of Millennials, GenZ Would Cut Ties With the Unvaccinated
    Wrongful Termination Suit Filed Against Houston Hospital Over Vaccination Requirements
    West Virginia College Will Fine Students Who Do Not Get Vaccinated
    THAT’S AN ORDER: Pentagon Mandates Vaccines for All Military Members by Sept. 15
    Germany’s COVID Restrictions Could Focus on Unvaccinated Citizens
    Tyson Foods Will Require Employees to be Vaccinated
    ‘KEY to NYC’: De Blasio Mandates Vaccines for Most Indoor Activities in New York City
    De Blasio on Vaccines: ‘We Tried Voluntary … The Voluntary Phase is Over’