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    Kat Von D Discusses Her 'Deprogramming,' Decision To Become Christian
    Mormon Leaders Say Heterosexual Marriage Should Be 'Exalted' For Eternity
    Austin Church Uses ChatGPT to Hold Service Written Entirely By Artificial Intelligence
    U.S. Entertainment Is Seeing A 'Powerful Movement Toward Jesus Right Now'
    Over 5,000 Congregations Leave United Methodist Church Following Disagreements About Marriage, Sexuality
    Pope Francis Calls for Freedom of Worship for Catholics in China
    Pope Francis Recognizes 21 Coptic Orthodox Christians Killed by ISIS as Martyrs
    New York City Catholic Church Hosts 'God is Trans' Exhibit
    Federal Judge Rules After School Satan Club Must be Allowed to Convene in Pennsylvania
    Congressman Denounces Defense Department for Ending Catholic Pastoral Care Contract at Walter Reed
    Supreme Court to Hear Case from Christian Mail Carrier Scheduled to Work Sundays Despite Accommodation Request
    United Methodist Church Marriage Schism: Churches Sue Regional Body to Keep Property Amid Split
    Posters Installed Near Vatican Ask Pope Francis to Lift Latin Mass Restrictions
    Pope Francis Suggests Catholic Church Should End Celibacy Requirement for Priests
    'Blasphemy': Preacher Criticizes Michael Knowles For CPAC Speech On Transgender Ideology
    Developing Countries Reject Church of England Leadership after Vote to Bless Same-Sex Marriages
    Church of England is Considering Using Gender Neutral Pronouns to Refer to God
    Ukrainian Catholic Archbishop Advises Against Zelenskyy's Proposed Ban on Orthodox Communities
    Mall of America Security Asks Customer to Remove 'Jesus Saves' Shirt, Claim it Was 'Offending People'
    Michigan City Legalizes Animal Sacrifice For Religious Reasons
    United Methodist Church Continues to Split as Over 400 Texas Churches Vote to Disaffiliate
    UNC Charlotte Updates Weapons Policies So Sikh Students Can Carry Ceremonial Dagger on Campus