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J. Lee Hammond is a journalist, writer, and intelligence analyst whose experience in counter-terrorism, electoral politics, and media development offers unique insights into the ‘everyday news cycle.’ Using plain words and interesting narratives, Hammond has built a career on turning fact-based stories into must-read articles. Brief History: Published scholar the University of Edinburgh, UK Managing Editor at Multiple Top 100 Websites Former Counter-Terror Officer at the NYPD Stories viewed by more than 50 million readers Personal Motto: Clichés are the enemy.


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    WATCH: CNN’s Leana Wen Claims ‘Everyone is Going to Need a Booster’ in the Months Ahead
    Vaxxed and Masked California’s COVID Rate Now Double that of Mandate-Free Florida
    REPORT: DOJ Will Determine How Much Money to Pay Migrant Families Separated at Southern Border
    Surgeon General Suggests Federal Vaccine Mandate Could Extend to Smaller Businesses
    REPORT: Iran Says It Has ‘Doubled’ Uranium Enrichment Stockpile as Talks with West Loom
    Pfizer Claims New Anti-COVID Pill Slashes Risk of Death, Hospitalization By Nearly 90%
    62-Year-Old Truck Driver Who Spent $153 on Campaign Unseats NJ Senate President, Longtime Dem
    Biden’s Vax Mandate on Private Businesses Starts Jan 4, $14,000 Penalty Per Violation
    Incoming NYC Mayor Says He’ll ‘Revisit’ Bill de Blasio’s Vaccine Mandate for All City Workers
    REPORT: First Vaccines Administered to 5-11 Year Olds After Endorsement from CDC Panel
    REPORT: Seizures of Fentanyl at US-Mexico Border Doubled in the Last 12 Months
    NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Files Paperwork to Run for Governor of New York
    Philadelphia to Ban Cops from Making Minor Traffic Stops to Promote ‘Driving Equity’
    Australia Opens International Borders After 590 Days of COVID Lockdown