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57% of American Households Paid Zero Federal Income Tax in 2021

A new study found 57% of households in the United States paid zero dollars in federal income tax last year.

More than half of American families contributed none of their salaries to the federal coffers when adjusted for COVID-relief checks, tax credits, stimulus money, and other entitlements during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m not going to raise anybody’s taxes, but I want to have the conversation,” said Florida Senator Rick Scott. “We’ve got able-bodied Americans who are living off of government programs instead of working, and that’s caused by these Democrat policies. And that doesn’t work. We got billionaires that are not paying, you know, income taxes.

“The tax code is actually quite progressive,” said Howard Gleckman, senior fellow at the Tax Policy Center. “There may be some cases where someone with a lot of wealth has little income, or they realize gains and offset those with losses or a charitable deduction. But that’s unusual.”

The report comes as Congress considers giving Americans $100 a month to offset high gas prices. The additional stimulus deposit would be given to all households when the price of gasoline tops $4 per gallon.

Read the full report here.

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