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Cassandra Fairbanks has been working as a journalist for over a decade and a half and has a strong interest in covering stories that the mainstream media will not touch. Her writing and video reports have appeared in countless publications across the globe.


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    California School District Announces They Will Not Comply With Governor's Vaccine Mandate
    CBS News Publishes Tweet Calling Kyle Rittenhouse a Murderer, Deletes After Backlash
    Twitter Account for Merriam-Webster Dictionary Appears to Subtweet and Attack Kyle Rittenhouse
    LAPD Tells Residents to ‘Cooperate and Comply’ with Robbers Amid Rise in Burglaries
    Biden Admin Will Rely on Informants Reporting Private Companies for Violating Vaccine Mandate
    Nancy Pelosi Calls for Criminal Investigation Over Rep. Paul Gosar's Anime Meme
    Judge Rules Trump's White House Records Can Be Given to Jan. 6 Committee
    Oklahoma Supreme Court Overturns Landmark Opioid Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson
    Study Finds Over 25,000 Tons of COVID-Related Plastic Waste Has Been Dumped in the Ocean
    Capitol Protester Wanted By FBI Granted Asylum in Belarus, Says He is Facing Political Persecution
    EXCLUSIVE: Attorney John Pierce Rejects Entitlement to $2M Bail Fund in Rittenhouse Case
    Biden Admin Pressuring School Officials to Help Get Students Vaccinated
    Incoming NYC Mayor Eric Adams Urges Dems to Weed Out Anarchists and Drop Trying to 'Defund the Police'
    OSHA Guidance Threatens $10,000 Fines and Jail Time for Lying About Vaccination Status