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Streaker in 'Virginity Rocks' Speedo Runs on Field During Orioles Versus Rangers Playoff Game (VIDEO)

A man wearing a “Virginity Rocks” speedo ran onto the field during Game 1 of the ALDS between the Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers on Saturday.

The man jumped out of the left field stands at Orioles Park at Camden Yards and attempted to run across the field during the eighth inning.

Once apprehended, the man appeared to try and kick himself away from the security guard, leading to him being body slammed to the ground.

Security started to carry him off the field, but a Baltimore Police officer arrived and handcuffed him.

It took roughly ten minutes to get the man off of the field.

The Rangers ended up winning the game 3-2.

The streaker’s name and any charges, if there are any, have not been publicly released at time of publishing.

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