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Kari Lake Announces Senate Run With Trump's Full Endorsement

Kari Lake announced on Tuesday that she is running for senate in Arizona and has been strongly endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Lake announced her candidacy at a rally in Scottsdale.

“I’m really tired of watching our politicians retreat from every single important battle. They’re cowards. That’s how we got into the mess we’re in right now because they have surrendered far too many hills,” Lake said at the rally. “I am not going to retreat. I’m going to stand on top of this hill with every single one of you, and I know you’re by my side as I formally announce my candidacy for the United States Senate.”

Lake is running for the seat that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, an independent, currently holds. She will face off in the primary against Republican Mark Lamb.

Sinema left the Democratic Party last year and has not announced if she will seek re-election. Rep. Ruben Gallego is running for the seat on the Democrat side.

Shortly after Lake’s announcement, Trump posted a video to Truth Social with his endorsement.

“Kari Lake will be an incredible Senator for the Great State of Arizona. She has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” Trump wrote in the post with the video.


“When I’m back in the White House, I need strong fighters like Kari in the Senate. She is a fighter. She’s strong and she’s good. She’s got a great heart by the way,” Trump said in a video.

“I will need a majority in the House and in the Senate. We have to have a big strong majority to help me push our America first agenda through and to push it through really fast – that starts right here tonight by helping Kari Lake win in Arizona and she will win too,” he continued.

The Hill reports, “polling in the race has suggested Sinema would have a tough climb. A poll from left-leaning firm Public Policy Polling out on Tuesday, which was commissioned by Rep. Ruben Gallego’s (D-Ariz.) campaign and first shared with The Hill, found Gallego at 41 percent, Lake at 36 percent and Sinema at 15 percent in a hypothetical matchup.”

“But a separate poll from Republican firm National Research Inc showed Lake leading Gallego 37 percent to 33 percent, while Sinema sat at 19 percent,” the report added.

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