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Majority of Americans Agree There Are Only Two Genders
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6th Grader Saves Lives During Two Separate Incidents in The Same Day, Becomes Honorary Police Officer
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India To Raise Legal Marriage Age For Women
Poll Finds ‘None’ Is The Fastest Growing Religious Affiliation in the United States
U.S. Captioning Company Releases List of 2021's Most Mispronounced Words
Dave Chapelle’s Alma Mater Continues With Plan To Name Theater In His Honor
Colorado Board to Stop Using the Term ‘Sex Offenders’
Bourbon Company Tells People to Stop Buying Their 'Rittenhouse Rye' to Celebrate Trial Outcome
Minnesota Launches Program To Support Non-White Farmers 
General Hospital Star, Dismissed for Refusing Vaccine, Faces Backlash For Sharing Meme that Calls Rachel Levine a ‘Dude’
Tom Ford Says Cancel Culture Makes It 'Tough To Be Creative'
More Women Are Considering Leaving The Workforce in 2021, New Report Finds
Three Virginia Counties Oppose Removal of Civil War Monuments