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TikTok Comedian Says Her Children Have Been Threatened After She Made Video Criticizing 'Nonbinary' Activist Jeffrey Marsh

A popular London-based comedian on TikTok made a tearful video begging fans and followers of controversial “nonbinary” activist Jeffrey Marsh to leave her children alone after she reported receiving severe threats.

Shumirun Nessa had made a video criticizing Marsh for a video he made in which he invited children to contact him privately behind their parent’s backs.

In her video, Nessa told Marsh to “stop telling kids to go on your Patreon and chat to you privately without their parents knowing.”

@thejeffreymarsh Something for the kids🥰☺️💛💚💚 #SelfCare #Relationships #lgbtq #parentingtips #parenting #trans #unconditional_love ♬ original sound – Jeffrey Marsh

Marsh frequently makes videos urging young followers to cut out parents and family members who do not fully support them becoming transgender. He has recently begun urging those isolated children to contact him — which many have expressed concern about.

“So you wanna talk to kids on a social media platform privately about topics that cannot be talked about in… comment sections… because why? Why you wanna do that? What could be the reason? You teach kids how to go no contact with their parents…is that what you’re teaching them on Patreon? Or is it this” Nessa asked in her now-deleted video, before showing a screenshot from his Patreon titled “more on sex.”

Though Nessa is just one of many worried about Marsh’s behavior, she was met with extreme backlash from people demanding that she is “transphobic.”

On March 3, Nessa said that her car had been vandalized, according to a report from Reduxx.

Nine days later, on March 12, Nessa made a video claiming that she had been inundated with threats, some of which included threats, her home address, and her children’s school schedules.

“They had given the school details and everything,” Nessa said.

“Please don’t come to my house,” Nessa pleaded. “Please don’t come for my kids.”

The comedian, who is Muslim, cried as she explained that Marsh fans found photos of her without her hijab and were sharing them online.

Nessa also apologized for making the video criticizing Marsh in an attempt to make the threats and harassment stop. She also deleted the videos that mentioned him.


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