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    Governor Greg Abbott Endorses Donald Trump for President
    Texas Passes Bill Allowing Authorities to Arrest Migrants Who Illegally Cross the U.S. Southern Border
    Texas House Votes to Allow Local Police to Arrest Migrants at Border, Return Them to Mexico
    Texas Sues Biden Administration, Demands Border Patrol Stop Cutting State's Razor Wire Along Rio Grande
    ExxonMobile Announces $60 Billion Merger with Pioneer Natural Resources
    Will Hurd Drops Out, Endorses Nikki Haley in 2024 Presidential Race
    Mexico To Send Letter to Texas Objecting to Truck Inspections
    Elon Musk Livestreams Visit to U.S.-Mexico Border on X
    Federal Judge Rules Texas Ban On Public Drag Shows Unconstitutional
    Elon Musk Says He Will Visit U.S.-Mexico Border in Texas This Week
    Ted Cruz Says Democratic Border Policies 'Empower' Cartels
    Texas Mayor Leaves Democratic Party, Joins Republicans
    Texas Redeploys Razor Wire Near Eagle Pass that Was Removed by Biden Administration
    Austin Church Uses ChatGPT to Hold Service Written Entirely By Artificial Intelligence
    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's Impeachment Trial Ends in Acquittal
    Gov. Greg Abbott Says Texas Has Bused 37,400 Migrants
    Court Permits Texas to Keep Floating Barrier in Place
    Texas Ordered to Remove Floating Barrier from Rio Grande
    Texas Supreme Court Permits Sex Change Restrictions for Minors to be Enforced
    Cruz Says Democrats Would Support Biden Even If There Was Video Evidence Of Him Engaging In Corruption
    Five Texas Families Sue School Where Teacher Allegedly Beat Toddlers With Wooden Spoon And Stick
    Uvalde School Shooter's Cousin Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to ‘Do the Same Thing’