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    Texas Will Audit 2020 Results in Four Counties
    Texas Secretary of State Announces Audit of 2020 Election Results in Four Counties
    Florida State Rep. Introduces Abortion Bill Similar to Texas Heartbeat Act
    Operation Lone Star receives $100 Million in Additional Funding For Border Security
    Texas Lawmakers Who Voted for New Abortion Law Notified of 'Credible Threat' to Their Safety
    Rural Hospitals in Texas Could Close Because of Biden’s Vaccine Mandate
    Majority of US States Will Fight Biden’s Vaccine Mandate
    Portland City Council to Vote on Prohibiting Local Gov From Doing Business With Texas Over Abortion Law
    GoDaddy Announces They Are Terminating Services for Pro-Life Texas Whistleblower Website
    Texas' 'Heartbeat' Abortion Law is Now in Effect
    Greg Abbott Authorizes National Guard to Better Secure the Border
    Fully Vaccinated Texas Governor Greg Abbott Tests Positive for COVID-19
    Dallas School District to Mandate Masks in Defiance of State Supreme Court Decision
    Texas DFPS Calls Sex Reassignment Surgeries Child Abuse
    Texas House Sergeant-At-Arms Begins Delivering Arrest Warrants to Democrats Who Fled State (VIDEOS)
    Texas House Speaker Signs Civil Arrest Warrants For Democrats Who Fled State
    Court Upholds Former Dallas Police Officer's Conviction
    BREAKING: TX Police Dept Issues ‘Public Warning’ After ‘COVID-Stricken Migrants’ Released by Border Patrol
    REPORT: 50,000 Migrants Released into the US by Border Patrol, Just 13% Show Up to an ICE Office
    Tiny Houses are So Cool Elon Musk Lives In One
    Texas Governor Greg Abbott Orders State Troopers to Arrest Migrants for Trespassing