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Texas Redeploys Razor Wire Near Eagle Pass that Was Removed by Biden Administration

More than 11,000 illegal immigrants have crossed into Eagle Pass during the last two weeks

The governor of Texas says he has ordered the state’s National Guard to “repel” illegal immigrants attempting to enter the United States from Mexico and to replace razor wire removed by the Biden administration.

Governor Greg Abbott shared a video on X of federal border officials pulling up yards of razor wire on the bank of the Rio Grande. Abbott said the wire was installed “in Eagle Pass to stop illegal crossings.”

Today the Biden Admin CUT that wire, opening the floodgates to illegal immigrants,” wrote the Republican. 

Mayor Rolando Salinas of Eagle Pass declared an emergency declaration on Sept. 20 after more than 4,000 illegal immigrants crossed the border in one day. Over 2,500 illegal immigrants had crossed the border on Sept. 18 and, during the previous week, roughly 7,200 migrants were apprehended while crossing in the same area. The town, which has a population of about 29,000 people, is now struggling to shelter over 11,000 illegal immigrants, per The New York Post

“The City of Eagle Pass is committed to the safety and well-being of our local citizens,” Mayor Salinas said in a statement, per CenLANow. “The emergency declaration grants us the ability to request financial resources to provide the additional services caused by the influx of undocumented immigrants.”

The declaration will be in effect for one week. 

Salinas also reinstated the Criminal Trespass Affidavit which grants the Texas Department of Public Safety the authority to arrest unauthorized individuals in Shelby Park, which borders the Rio Grande. 

Additionally, U.S. Customs and Border Protection also shut down Eagle Pass Bridge 1 in order to manage the surge in migrants.

In November of 2022, Abbott declared that his state was being invaded by drug cartels from Mexico.

Abbott notified President Joe Biden that, due to his failure to enforce federal immigration law, Texas is obligated to take steps to defend itself under Article I, § 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution.

In a letter to the president, Abbott said that “Texans are paying the price for [his] failure.”

“Your inaction has led to catastrophic consequences. Under your watch, America is suffering the highest volume of illegal immigration in the history of our country,” wrote the governor. “This past year, more than 2 million immigrants tried to enter the country illegally, coming from more than 100 countries across the globe.”

“Worse yet, your failed border policies recently prompted a United Nations agency to declare that the border between the United States and Mexico is the deadliest land crossing in the world,” said Abbott. “All of this can be avoided, of course, if you will simply enforce the laws that are already on the books. Your Administration must end its catch-and-release policies, repel this unprecedented mass migration, and satisfy its constitutional obligation through faithful execution of the immigration laws enacted by Congress.”

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