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DeSantis Details 'Freedom To Fuel' Plan, Sets Goal Of $2 Gas

'I Will Ensure That This Country Does Not Have To Rely On Hostile Nations For Its Energy Needs Ever Again'

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis detailed his “Freedom to Fuel” energy plan, insisting his policies would lower fuel prices to $2 per gallon of gas during a Midland, Texas speaking event on Wednesday.

The Florida governor also said his policies would turn the United States into the world’s leading energy producer.

DeSantis’ “Freedom to Fuel” energy plan lists six components hat include restoring American energy dominance, saving the American automobile, elevating “evidence over ideology,” reforming environmental permitting and ending green law fare, jump-starting critical mineral and federal land development, and building the most efficient, affordable, and reliable energy grid in the world.

“Freedom to Fuel” aims to roll back Biden administration regulations limiting oil and gas production along with eliminating environmental social governance (ESG) regulations among other efforts to increase the nation’s energy independence.

“We have it in our power to reverse the country’s decline and engineer an incredible comeback for the American people,” DeSantis said during a nearly 40-minute speech at a Permian Deep Rock Oil Company drilling site. “And one of the ways we need to do that is by achieving American energy dominance.”

The Florida governor also said the Biden administration’s policies on energy have exacerbated inflation experienced by Americans throughout the president’s time in office.

“On January 20th, 2025, there’s going to be a new sheriff in town,” DeSantis said. “As your president, I will restore our freedom to fuel. I will ensure that the United States of America is the dominant energy producer in the entire world. I will ensure that this country does not have to rely on hostile nations for its energy needs ever again.”


DeSantis also touted “saving the traditional American automobile,” saying Americans should be allowed to choose the type of automobile they drive. DeSantis’ comment contrasts with the Biden administration’s emphasis on Americans transitioning towards electric vehicles in an effort to curb climate change.

“Our self-imposed handcuffs on oil, gas, and critical mineral extraction will be removed,” he added. “The days of rolling blackouts and unreliable grids will be finished. To every American outraged by rising gas prices under Biden, and they are rising, and I think nationally, it is coming close to $4 a gallon. Our target goal in 2025, we want that gas at $2 a gallon, we certainly will move in that direction if we implement all these policies.”

Current national fuel prices list $3.86 per gallon of regular gasoline while Diesel’s national average sits at $4.58 per gallon, per AAA.

Regular unleaded gasoline hit a record high national average of $5.016 in June 2022.

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