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Americans Who Want to Evacuate Afghanistan Being Charged Thousands By State Dept., According to Report
Marjorie Taylor Greene Posts Video Message to Biden: 'You're Not a President, You're a Piece of Sh*t'
Biden's Approval Rating Falls Below 50 Percent For the First Time
Trump Issues Statement Asking Who Biden Will Surrender to Next
Biden Will Only Take Questions From 'Pre-Approved Media' During Address on Afghanistan
Biden to Cut Vacation Short and Address America About Chaos in Kabul
Biden Admin Has Discussed Mandating Vaccines for Interstate Travel
Biden Compares Capitol Cops to Visiting High School Sports Teams Who ‘Get Jumped’
DeSantis Tells Biden 'I Don’t Wanna Hear a Blip About COVID From You' Until Border is Secure
AVERAGE JOE? Biden Bizarrely Claims He ‘Used to Drive an 18-Wheeler’ Truck
President Joe Biden's Approval Rating Falls to All Time Low
Ex-Obama Doctor: Biden Needs a ‘Cognitive Exam Now’, President Has ‘Completely Lost It’
Joe Biden Responds to Question About Police By Asking if Republicans Think Dems Are 'Sucking the Blood Out of Kids' (VIDEO)
Joe Biden Says Communism is a 'Universally Failed System,' Before Knocking Socialism
Texas Sheriffs Sue Biden Admin For Restricting ICE Amid Border Crisis
Biden Admin to Funnel $860M in Virus Relief Money to Immigrants at the Border
Anti-Biden Flag Upsets Residents of Tennessee Town
Biden's White House Staff is Most Expensive in History — May Exceed 200 Million
Black Lives Matter Leaders Who Met With White House Are Upset That They Aren't Getting What They Wanted
Joe Biden Directs Military to Launch Airstrikes in Syria and Iraq
WATCH: Biden Says Patriots Who Want Weapons to Take On US Gov Would Need 'F-15s and Maybe Some Nuclear Weapons'