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Majority of Americans Agree There Are Only Two Genders

A new poll also found Americans oppose offering students gender identity counseling without parental knowledge

A new poll found 3 out of 4 Americans agree there are only two genders.

The Rasmussen survey asked participants if they agreed or disagreed with the statement “There are only two genders.”

Approximately 75% said they agree with the statement. Moreover, 63% said they strongly agree.

The survey also asked how the respondents regarded J.K. Rowling’s comments on gender.

In 2019, the creator of the Harry Potter series tweeted in support of a woman who had been terminated from her job for saying people can not change their gender.

Live your best life in peace and security,” Rowling tweeted. “But force women out of their jobs for stating that sex is real?”

In the heated backlash, she was labeled a TERF — a trans-exclusionary radical feminist — and publicly denounced.

When the Rasmussen poll asked its participants if they would agree with the author’s comments or if they would consider the statement hate speech, 17% said they would classify the statement as hate speech. The largest portion of respondents, 58%, said they’d support Rowling. 

Poll results indicate that more men (68%) than women (56%) believe there are only two genders.

Political affiliation also indicated a participant’s opinion. More Democrats (29%) considered Rowling’s statement “hate speech” than the combination of Republicans (8%) or unaffiliated voters (12%).

The poll also asked if schools should be able to counsel students about their gender identities without parental consent or knowledge. 

Poll participants were against this, with 68% responding no. About 19% said schools should offer gender identity counseling regardless of parents’ knowledge or consent.

Majorities of all political categories — 80% of Republicans, 54% of Democrats and 72% of those unaffiliated with either major party — are opposed to schools counseling children on gender identity without informing parents,” Rasmussen said in its analysis. “While majorities in every political category agree that there are only two genders, Democrats (47%) are less likely than Republicans (82%) or the unaffiliated (60%) to say they ‘strongly agree.’”

According to Newsmax, “majorities of all races — 68% of whites, 70% of Black adults, and 65% of other minorities — were against schools counseling children on gender identity without parental consent.”

Black Americans (68%) were the most likely to strongly agree there are only two genders. Notably, the majority of white Americans (63%) and other minorities (55%) also strongly agreed with the statement.

Finally, most Americans oppose the State Department’s new policy which allows people to change their passports to reflect the gender they believe they are.

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4 responses to “Majority of Americans Agree There Are Only Two Genders”

  1. Turk_Longwell says:

    The ending of this article says it all perfectly…
    “reflect the gender they believe they are.” Not what they are, what they believe they are. Yup. Right there.

  2. Jay1 says:

    Maybe people are finally catching on that corporations manufacture social issues like this to blatantly justify breaking federal laws and labor practices. I’m not trying to be pessimistic, because when more people are aware of it, they can fight back and file major lawsuits to annihilate these evil criminal constructs.

  3. HerrDoktor says:

    There are three genders:
    People who are so ashamed of their gender that they lie about it

  4. Walldoc77 says:

    Is anyone Truly shocked by this statistic? I’m not so 25 percent of Americans are making 100 percent of the noise around this. Meaning that 25 percent of Americans are so bored and attention deprived they will do whatever they can to stay in the limelight of a completely artificial social space. Translated. 25 percent of people think the inter webs are a real place where their opinions matter and must be obeyed are bat shit crazy people. Lets keep them in their precious safe space of twatter and instantham.