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Four Human Heads Left at Southern Border By Mexican Cartel

Cartel: ‘Please allow us to do our work at night in order to finish off these filthy individuals’

Four decapitated human heads were found stuffed in a cooler and left just yards away from the U.S. southern border as violence between Mexican drug cartels rages.

Gunmen from the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas left the cooler and a message written on a posterboard in Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, on the Ribereña highway near the exit to Poblado Los Guerra — roughly three miles from the U.S. Roma Port of Entry.

Breitbart Texas reported that a Mexican military patrol discovered the chest along the side of a road. According to law enforcement, three of the heads belonged to male victims between the ages of 20 and 30, while the fourth victim appears older.

Local law enforcement also said that male genitals were found in the mouth of one of the victims.

The posterboard stated the remains were left in response to a similar attack carried out on Oct. 6 by rival cartels, when remains and a dismembered male head was found inside of a red cooler.

Also discovered in the cooler was a message addressed to the Ministry of National Defense urging them to allow the cartels work to settle their own scores.

“This problem of ours isn’t against any of you guys. The chaos that went down in Mirador was done by those morons from the Cartel del Noreste,” the message stated, according to The Sun.

The message continued:

They want to do more than just kill innocent civilians, families, steal, and terrorize citizens.

Please allow us to do our work at night in order to finish off these filthy individuals.

All ‘Sedena’ troops will be respected. And this will be the fate of every dirty individual who is fucking up here.

Sincerely, ‘CDG’ Operativa Toros.

The gruesome discoveries come less than two months after a surge in cartel-related violence led to a shooting spree across multiple Mexican cities that left at least nine civilians dead.

After the shootings, hundreds of Mexican soldiers were sent to Juarez, and members of Mexicos Army and National guard were tapped to help stop the escalation in violence.

The remains left near the border also comes exactly one year after footage was released showing a cartel lining up roughly 20 members of a rival cartel for a mass execution.

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