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    Senate Unanimously Adopts Bill to End Military Aid to Azerbaijan
    Muslim Journalist Running Against Ilhan Omar Visits Israel
    Ilhan Omar Backtracks After Pushing Israel Hospital Bombing Story
    Fetterman Throws Support Behind Israel, Decries Calls For Ceasefire
    Lindsey Graham Indicates U.S. Will Go After Iran Oil If War In Israel Escalates
    Reuters Journalist Killed By Israeli Bomb in Lebanon
    Sen. Rubio Says Washington Will Provide 'All The Support' Israel Needs
    French Interior Minister Bans All Pro-Palestine Protests
    Musk To Provide Free Tesla Supercharging In Israel
    Israeli Official Calls for Use of 'Doomsday' Nuclear Missile, Though Country Has Long Declined to Admit Having Them
    Shapiro Says Hamas Attack On Israel Is 'Worst Day For Jews Since The Holocaust'
    Iraqi Communications and Media Commission Bans Word 'Homosexuality,' Requires Media to Use 'Sexual Deviance' Instead
    Over 100 Transgender Women Who Identify as 'Men' Apply to Enter Miss Italy Pageant After They Banned Biological Males
    Pro-Euthanasia Activist Convicted in the Netherlands of Sending Suicide Kits to 1,600 People
    London’s Metropolitan Police Announce Partnership With LGBT Activist With Long History of Defending Child Molestation
    Lord Miles Routledge Captured By Taliban's Counter-Intelligence Unit, Being Held in Kabul
    Poland to Send Fighter Jets to Ukraine
    US Defense Secretary Hasn't Spoken With Chinese Counterpart In 'A Couple Of Months'
    Russian Journalist Claims U.S. Declared War On Country
    Zelenskyy Warns Of WWIII If China Allies With Russia
    Kim Yo Jong: North Korea Will Use Pacific Ocean As 'Firing Range'
    South Africa Holds Joint Naval Military Exercises with Russia and China