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BREAKING: Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Calls For NATO To Preemptively Strike Russia To Combat Nuclear Capabilities
Russia Deploys Sub Armed With 'Weapon of the Apocalypse'
Ukraine Announces Application for Expedited NATO Membership
America Shares Strong Alliance With North Korea, VP Harris Says, White House Plays Damage Control
Trump Offers To Head Peace Talks Amidst Nord Stream Pipeline 'Sabotage'
US To Defend Taiwan If China Invades, Biden Confirms
The Queen is Dead
Kidnapped Albino Child And 500 Person Lynch Mob Ends In Deadly Police Shooting in Madagascar
New Details Emerge About Car Bombing That Killed Alexander Dugin's Daughter
Study Claims Thousands Of Children Fathered And Abandoned By UN Peacekeepers
China Launches ‘Unprecedented’ Military Drills On Taiwan's Coastal Borders
WATCH LIVE: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Lands in Taiwan, Despite China's Threats of Retaliation
Prince Charles' Charity Accepts $1 Million From Brothers Of Osama Bin Laden
Biden Admin to Swap WNBA Star Brittney Griner For Convicted Russian Arms Dealer
Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum Calls for Higher Gas Price to Safeguard 'Democracy'
Former Japanese PM Abe Feared Dead After Shooting at Campaign Event
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns
Over 1,000 Dead Following Earthquake In Taliban-Led Afghanistan
UK Man Commits Suicide After 'Human Error' in Police Documents Wrongly Labeled Him a Pedophile
Male Blood Donor Turned Away for Refusing to Answer Question About if He Was Pregnant
Russian Media Says Nuclear Weapons May Be The Answer To Finland and Sweden Joining NATO
McDonalds Is Exiting Russia After More than 30 years