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Russian Media Says Nuclear Weapons May Be The Answer To Finland and Sweden Joining NATO
McDonalds Is Exiting Russia After More than 30 years
Finland Announces It Will Join NATO
North Korea Enters COVID Lockdown Nationwide After First Reported Case
Australian Election Enters Final Weeks
Congress Reaches Deal To Expand Ukraine Support to $40 Billion
Elon Musk Responds to Russian Threats With Sarcasm
Half Ton of Cocaine, Worth $50 Million, Found In Swiss Nespresso Factory
USAID Administrator Discusses Food Shortages, Says 'Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste'
Protester Throws Cherry Tomatoes at Macron, Security Attempts to Shield Him With Umbrella (VIDEO)
World's Oldest Person Dies at 119
Macron Wins Re-Election, Le Pen Concedes
Peace Talks With Ukraine Have Reached a 'Dead End' According to Putin
French Runoff Election Will Be Between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen
Russian President Vladimir Putin Says 'Unfriendly' Nations Must Buy Gas With Rubles Beginning Friday
BREAKING: Russia Promises Reduced Conflict As Peace Talks Continue
Russia to Restrict Visas for People From 'Unfriendly Countries' — Including the US and UK
Japan Approves $8.6 Billion to Host American Troops for Five Years
Shanghai Locked Down Due To COVID-19
The US and European Union Reach Deal To Reduce Reliance on Russia's Natural Gas
North Korea Launches Largest Missile Since 2017
Putin to Make ‘Unfriendly Countries’ Pay For Gas in Rubles