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Iraqi Communications and Media Commission Bans Word 'Homosexuality,' Requires Media to Use 'Sexual Deviance' Instead
Over 100 Transgender Women Who Identify as 'Men' Apply to Enter Miss Italy Pageant After They Banned Biological Males
Pro-Euthanasia Activist Convicted in the Netherlands of Sending Suicide Kits to 1,600 People
London’s Metropolitan Police Announce Partnership With LGBT Activist With Long History of Defending Child Molestation
Lord Miles Routledge Captured By Taliban's Counter-Intelligence Unit, Being Held in Kabul
Poland to Send Fighter Jets to Ukraine
US Defense Secretary Hasn't Spoken With Chinese Counterpart In 'A Couple Of Months'
Russian Journalist Claims U.S. Declared War On Country
Zelenskyy Warns Of WWIII If China Allies With Russia
Kim Yo Jong: North Korea Will Use Pacific Ocean As 'Firing Range'
South Africa Holds Joint Naval Military Exercises with Russia and China
'Brought Us To The Brink Of Nuclear War': Trump Criticizes Biden's 'Weakness and Incompetence'
Norway Discovers Massive Trove of Rare Earth Minerals
Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists Reset Doomsday Clock 90 Seconds To Midnight
Andrew Tate, Brother To Remain In Romanian Custody Until Late February
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Announces Her Upcoming Resignation
Artsakh Loses Internet Connection Following Month-Long Blockade
'As Long As It Takes': Ukraine Ambassador Shares Yellow, Blue Colored American Flag
EU May Ban Twitter In Europe, Provides 'Checklist' Of Rules For Musk
ISIS Leader Killed in Battle, According to Spokesperson — Terror Group Names Replacement
American Mother and Daughter Reportedly Trapped in Saudi Arabia After Being 'Lured' Under False Pretenses By Ex-Husband
U.K. Prime Minister Resigns After Just 44 Days in Office