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Shapiro Says Hamas Attack On Israel Is 'Worst Day For Jews Since The Holocaust'

'Their Only Agenda Is To Murder As Many Jews As Possible Because Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism'

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro said the attack of Islamic militant group Hamas on Israel over the weekend was “the worst day for Jews since the Holocaust.”

“I am a Jew,” Shapiro said as he opened his Monday episode of The Ben Shapiro Show before detailing historical atrocities committed against Jewish people over 3,000 years.

“Today, I’m going to let evil show you its face. Do not turn away. Look,” said Shapiro. “This weekend, this was the worst day for Jews since the Holocaust. Do not turn away. Look. Look it in the face.”

The Daily Wire host showed images to “sear” their graphic nature into viewers’ minds. He reiterated his remark and suggested the events over the weekend were worse than the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

“That was a military operation designed at eviscerating Israel, but at least it was a territorial military attempting to take on another territorial military,” he said.

Shapiro said Hamas were terrorists who “have no actual military agenda.”

“Their only agenda is to murder as many Jews as possible because anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism,” Shapiro continued, “because the destruction of the state of Israel is coincident with the murder of as many Jews as possible, with more Jewish blood spilled.”

Shapiro proceeded to show images and video of victims being murdered, raped, and taken hostage by Hamas.

“This is what moral equivalence brings,” Shapiro said of the footage. “The rape of women, the kidnapping of children, the murder of hundreds of innocents, including for families.”

The Daily Wire host further called out critics of Zionism and anti-war sentiment following the attacks.

“For decades we’ve been told that if you look evil in its face, that was somehow unsophisticated,” he said. “Let’s pretend the evil way was an act of intellectual virtue. That to cater to evil, to concede to evil was the pathway toward a better, more peaceful world. It was a damned lie.”

Shapiro, who was observing Shabbat at the time of the attacks, said people in his direct community had family who fell victim to Hamas militants’ attacks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country is now at war after a series of Hamas-led attacks on Oct. 7, the final day of the Jewish holiday Sukkot.

Hamas gunmen were reported in at least 22 locations outside the Gaza Strip resulting in hours of gunfire and at least two hostage standoffs, per PBS News Hour.

Several hundred deaths have been reported in both Israel and Palestine.

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