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Lord Miles Routledge Captured By Taliban's Counter-Intelligence Unit, Being Held in Kabul

The Taliban’s counter-intelligence unit has reportedly captured Lord Miles Routledge and is holding him captive in Kabul.

The 23-year-old “danger tourist” was last active on Twitter on February 27.

The Telegraph reports, “Mr Routledge was arrested on March 2, along with two Polish nationals named as Adrian Wojcik, 22, and Roman Bilski, 24, and is being held for further questioning.” The newspaper cited an unnamed “senior European diplomatic source.”

A Taliban security officer confirmed to the paper that multiple foreign individuals had been arrested that week due to “suspicious activities.”

Routledge’s mother told the Daily Mail that she has been unable to speak to him since he was detained and is “desperate” to know if he is safe.

“I’m distraught. It is so worrying. I just want help to find out what has happened to him and make sure he is OK,” the worried mother told the Mail. “If he is being treated well that is good to hear, as long as he is being well treated. If I can get a message to those who are holding him, I just want to ask them to tell him he has my love and support.”

Routledge gained infamy after traveling to Afghanistan shortly after the US withdrawal and documenting his trip on 4chan. After being evacuated by the British Armed Forces, he continued his adventures by going to different dangerous places across the globe and posting about them on Twitter and YouTube.

“I go to the most dangerous places on Earth for fun! Afghanistan Taliban takeover, South Sudan, Ukraine war, shooting w/ Taliban, Snake Island,” Routledge’s Twitter biography states.

The self-described “true modern adventurer” recently went viral for going to the front lines in Ukraine shortly after the start of the conflict with Russia.

A video of Routledge going shooting with members of the Taliban in Jalalabad from August has over one million views on YouTube. His other videos include visiting the infamous Snake Island (which bans tourists), crossing the border between the US and Mexico, and spending 48 hours in a homeless encampment in New York City.

Routledge also recently authored a memoir about his first trip to Afghanistan.

In November, Routledge appeared on an episode of Timcast IRL.


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