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Israeli Government Is Using Controversial Pegasus Spyware To Track Hamas Kidnapping Victims
Internal State Department Memo Says Israel is Committing 'War Crimes' In Gaza
Vice President Kamala Harris's Stepdaughter Promotes Fundraiser for 'Gaza's Children'
Ambassador Says United Nations Has 'Let Down' Israel
Israel Dropped More Bombs On Gaza In a Week Than the U.S. Dropped on Afghanistan During One Year, Expert Says
Teenage Protestors Throwing Stones Shot by Israeli Snipers
Scotland is Willing to Take Refugees from Gaza, Says First Minister
New Evidence Shows Israel Not Responsible For Gaza Hospital Explosion
War Looms As U.S. Readies Additional 4,000 Troops For Deployment to Middle East
Catholic Leader Offers to Be Exchanged for Hamas Hostages
DeSantis Sending Planes to Rescue Americans Stuck In Israel
'F--- YOU': Sarah Silverman Takes Aim At DSA Support Of Palestine, Leaves Group
Former IDF Official Says 'There's No Way' Israeli Authorities Didn't Know About Hamas Attack
Netanyahu: 'Israel didn’t start this war, Israel will finish it'
Egyptian Intelligence Official Claims Israel Ignored Warnings
Netanyahu Tells Biden Israel Is Mobilizing Ground Troops
Orthodox Jews Recorded Spitting At Christians In Jerusalem
Israel Working to Deploy Laser Defense System By Next Year
Israeli Leaders Propose Dissolving Government and Plan to Hold Fifth Election in 3 years
'Squad' Members Convince Dems to Slash $1 Billion in Aid for Israel’s Missile Defense Shield
FREEZE OUT: Hippie Duo Ben & Jerry to Stop Selling Ice Cream in ‘Occupied Palestinian Territory’