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'F--- YOU': Sarah Silverman Takes Aim At DSA Support Of Palestine, Leaves Group

'You Are Not Real Democratic Socialists And You Sure As F--- Aren’t Liberal'

Actress and comedian Sarah Silverman took aim at the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) after the group expressed support for Palestine amidst Islamic militant group Hamas’ attack on Israel over the weekend.

The comedian has been an outspoken supporter of Democratic Socialism as far back as 2016 when Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders touted the political ideology in his 2016 bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“The DSA, of which I was a proud lifetime member, has lost me forever,” the Jewish actress wrote in an Instagram post criticizing a post from DSA’s account which declared the group’s support for Palestine. “They posted this 11 hours ago. This is what they felt they needed to post ELEVEN motherf—ing HOURS ago.”

Silverman said she left a comment on DSA’s post, though claimed the comment had been deleted.

 “Over 1,000 slaughtered as of now. Girls raped over the bodies of their friends,” she said. “These are kids, babies, children, teens, elderly, many of whom like my family march in the streets nightly protesting Netanyahu and the occupation.”

“THAT’S WHO HAMAS MURDERED you F—S,” she continued. “Knowing Israel will retaliate, do you get that they don’t give a F— about Palestinian lives?????”

“I am still a democratic socialist like my man, Bernie, who, also despite popular understanding, has nothing to do with this f—ed up, arrogant, ignorant, piece of s— group,” she concluded. “I don’t like feeling this way and I don’t like acting this way, but here I am. Democratic Socialists of America, F— YOU. You are not real democratic socialists and you sure as f— aren’t liberal.”

DSA’s Instagram post expressed the group’s “steadfast” solidarity with Palestine and criticized U.S. support of the Jewish state.

“Today’s events are a direct result of Israel’s apartheid regime–a regime that receives billions in funding from the United States,” the group wrote. “End the violence. End the Occupation. Free Palestine.”

The group “unequivocally” condemned the killing of all civilians and expressed the importance of respect for human rights laws.

“We cannot forget that the Israeli state has systematically denied Palestinians the right to self-determination for decades,” the group continued, saying the weekend attack on Israel was not unprovoked. “For over 60 years, Palestinians have faced ethnic cleansing, torture bombings, and housing demolitions.”

The group noted the Gaza Strip was currently under a blockade after Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant ordered a siege removing the region’s access to electricity, food, and fuel.

DSA concluded their statement by calling for socialists to act and encouraging members to “take to the streets to join a protest for peace against funding the Israeli state.”

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