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California Will Send Abortion Amendment to Voters
California AG's Office Leaks Names of Gun Owners, CCW Holders
San Francisco DA Recalled by Voters
California’s Population Declines for the Second Consecutive Year
California Proposes Legislation Mandating a Four-Day Workweek
California Considers Proposal to End Review of Pregnancy-Related Fetal Deaths
California Reparations Panel Votes To Restrict Compensation to Descendant of Black Americans Who Arrived in U.S. During The 19th Century
Walgreens Closing Five More Stores in San Francisco Due to Out of Control Shoplifting
Newsom Vetoes Monetary Incentive Program For Addicts
California Governor Signs Wave of Legislation into Law
Newsom Makes Mail-In Ballots Permanent in California
California Public Pension Fund Sent $41 Million to Over 22,000 Dead People
Me Too Activist Rose McGowan Endorses Larry Elder in California Recall
California Supreme Court Rules on Cannabis for Prison Inmates
Former Professor Set Fires Near California’s Ongoing Dixie Fire