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Biden Declares Emergency in California After Flooding
LA’s New Mayor Declares 'State of Emergency' Due to City’s Homeless Population
LA County District Attorney Directs Prosecutors to Consider a Suspect's Immigration Status, Avoid Charges that Could Lead to Deportation
Guaranteed Income Program for Transgender Residents Launched in San Francisco
San Francisco Mayor Apologizes for Saying ‘A Lot of People’ from Honduras Deal Drugs
Judicial Watch Sues California, Accuses State of Influencing YouTube to Censor Video
California Enacts Law Requiring Job Postings to Include Salary Ranges
Governor Gavin Newsom Signs Law Permitting Illegal Immigrants to Obtain California ID
President of McDonald's American Operations Accuses California of Unfairly Targeting Chains with New Bill
Petition to Recall LA County DA Found ‘Insufficient’ After More than 200K Signatures Rejected
Paul Pelosi Enters Not Guilty Plea in DUI Case
California School District Will Consider Opening Planned Parenthood Clinic on High School Campus
California Drops Parent Lawsuit Provision from Social Media Addiction Bill
California's Latest Gun Control Bill Aims to Make Gun Manufacturers 'Accountable for Their Role in This Crisis'
California Will Send Abortion Amendment to Voters
California AG's Office Leaks Names of Gun Owners, CCW Holders
San Francisco DA Recalled by Voters
California’s Population Declines for the Second Consecutive Year
California Proposes Legislation Mandating a Four-Day Workweek
California Considers Proposal to End Review of Pregnancy-Related Fetal Deaths
California Reparations Panel Votes To Restrict Compensation to Descendant of Black Americans Who Arrived in U.S. During The 19th Century
Walgreens Closing Five More Stores in San Francisco Due to Out of Control Shoplifting