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  • Visit Howard Springs
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    Fish and Wildlife Service Declares 21 Species Extinct
    President Joe Biden’s Dog Commander Involved in 11th Bite Incident
    Pope Francis Asked to Denounce Bullfighting by Animal Rights Activists
    Wyoming Prepares for Restricted Hunting Season after the Death of 80% of Adult Deer
    Australian Scientists Begin Vaccinating Wild Koalas for Chlamydia
    NIH Shipped $2 Billion to Foreign Animal Testing Labs With Very Little Oversight
    Alligator Stolen from Texas Zoo as an Egg is Returned After 20 Years
    Florida Lawmaker Proposes Outlawing the Sale of Animal-Tested Cosmetics
    Chiefs Player Pays Adoption Fee For Every Dog At Shelter To Celebrate Super Bowl Win
    Federal Government May Remove Grizzly Bears from Endangered Species List in Montana, Wyoming
    'TransCanine' Adult Model Who Claims to Have Sex With Dogs Says She Was 'Visited By Police'
    Biden Signs 'Tiger King' Legislation, Banning Private Ownership of Big Cats
    Owner of 'Most Famous Baboons on the Internet' Alleges Hilton Hotel and California City Are Conspiring to Steal His Family’s Land, Displace His Animals