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'TransCanine' Adult Model Who Claims to Have Sex With Dogs Says She Was 'Visited By Police'

'You Bring Animals Deaths, I Bring Them Orgasms'

A woman who identifies as “TransCanine” was banned from subscription service platforms after allegedly posting content of herself engaging in sexual activity with dogs — and now says that she was visited by police.

In a Jan. 10 tweet, the woman, who uses the Twitter handle AKnottyPrincess, announced she had been banned from the subscription platform Fanvue for her alleged sexual activity with dogs.

“I got banned off Fanvue I hope everyone gets refunded. They said ‘We cannot allow someone who f—s dogs on our platform, but honestly I don’t do the f—ing. I just get on my knees and the dogs do the rest. I’m the one being f—ed.”

In a Jan. 2 tweet, the user announced she was “TransCanine,” claiming that she had engaged in sexual activity with multiple dogs in the past year.

“As we know humans are complicated and intelligent beings. We aren’t always simple,” wrote the user. “I have been with 6 dogs this past year and only 2 men my entire life. I am trans canine.”

“I just want friends and a crowd that accepts and loves and cherishes me.”

The user continued discussing her experience engaging in sexual activity with animals in a Jan. 7 tweet suggesting she was providing pleasure to dogs.

People literally out here trophy hunting animals, simply to brag that they killed that particular animal. That’s ok tho. You have literally made multiple animals go extinct by hunting them. You bring animals deaths, I bring them orgasms,” wrote the Twitter user.

“I’m a better alternative. So stfu.”

Dogs are more than capable of defending themselves and killing people. They are predatory animals,” she continued in a separate tweet. “If they don’t want to do something or feel in danger, you will definitely be injured.”

“Dog c– in coffee is the best creamer, and it helps you have clear skin,” the user said in a Jan. 8 tweet. “It’s sad that the government has us taking chemicals when the best remedies are natural. I’m happy those pill companies got sued. Forcing unnatural chemicals in us.”

The woman previously claimed she wouldn’t face legal repercussions for sexual activity with animals claiming she was a “white woman in America.”

“I’ll claim sex abuse as a kid and get off. Why you think Im non bothered. Do I seem fearful of jail? I come from a good family and have a degree and was in a sorority. I have a better chance of getting hit by a car,” said the user.

“If I was blk tho. RIP.”

“Human men can kiss my feet. I am TransCanine. I can’t have sex with anything that isn’t Canine,” the user wrote in a Jan. 10 tweet. “It’s actually bestiality for me to have sex with human men.”

“Please just remember . I lost my job because of you guys. And now you guys got me removed off onlyfans. Just let me have this one thing. I want to have a nice life. Sharing my links with negativity harms me. Just remember, I’m a human too. I have feelings,” she tweeted on Jan. 7.

The user further claimed she was visited by police in a Jan. 10 tweet.

“All these people getting killed, raped, murdered, and sexually assaulted, and they are bothering me, a white woman… when did this country go downhill?”

“PETA US has indeed received a complaint about this case and cannot comment further now but urges authorities to pursue all sexual predators who use animals for their own selfish gratification as if they were sex toys, rather than sentient beings who experience fear and pain,” wrote PETA in a statement, according to the Daily Star.

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