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Brett MacDonald studied political theory at Boston College before interning with a senior scholar at the Brookings Institute. His subsequent writing and reports have been cited by PolitiFact, LeadStories, and other fact-checking organizations as an authoritative source.

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    Biden Signs Bill Declassifying Intelligence Community's Findings On Origin Of COVID-19
    Pregnant Woman Killed While Attempting Robbery With Boyfriend In Chicago
    Three Injured In West Virginia Train Derailment Caused By Rockslide
    Kansas City Gun Dealer Settles Lawsuit With City Over Alleged Straw Purchases
    Democrat Rep. In Pennsylvania Legislature Resigns Following Sexual Harassment Allegations
    Jan. 6 Defendant Skips Hearing, FBI Issues Warrant And Offers $15,000 Reward For Her Location
    Appliance Manufacturer's Fraudulent 'Made In USA' Claim Penalized By Federal Trade Commission
    Biden Laughs With Firefighters, Says Doctors Had To Check 'If I Had A Brain'
    Bipartisan Alaska Delegation Pleads With Biden To Allow Major Drilling Project To Continue
    Video Released From Baltimore Police Pursuit That Ended In Fatal Building-Collapsing Collision
    Biden Administration Issues Statement In Support Of Controversial Government Surveillance Program
    Musk Completes Purge Of Twitter Staff, Remaining Employees To Receive Stock Awards
    Treasury Secretary Yellen Traveled To Ukraine On An Unannounced Trip
    Grandparent-targeting Con Men Sentenced, Ordered To Pay Restitution To Elderly Victims