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Pregnant Woman Killed While Attempting Robbery With Boyfriend In Chicago

A 21-year-old pregnant woman died after she sustained multiple gunshot wounds when she and her boyfriend attempted to rob a motorist on Chicago’s North Side.

Genesis Escobar, who was seven months pregnant, had frequent run-ins with law enforcement. She was on probation for a battery conviction at the time of the shooting and had been indicted on felony charges stemming from her possession of a stolen vehicle.

Escobar reportedly climbed inside an occupied vehicle to purchase drugs but instead “announced a robbery” as her boyfriend stood armed outside the vehicle. Escobar would immediately discover that her dealer was also armed. According to a police release, “an exchange of gunfire” followed with Escobar’s boyfriend shooting into the vehicle at the armed occupant. Police say that Escobar, who apparently did not discharge a weapon, was struck by the crossfire in the shoulder, back, and hand.

CBS Chicago spoke to Iris Alvarez, a friend of the deceased who told the local affiliate that they witnessed the aftermath of the shooting after hearing the gunfire and described the driver of the vehicle dumping her body into the road before fleeing. Her boyfriend, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, grabbed some of the money that spilled out onto the street with her body, then left her “lying on the ground.” Escobar would die at the scene though it is unclear whether she was still alive when her boyfriend made off with the remainder of the cash. Despite being rushed to Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Escobar’s baby did not survive either, according to friends who spoke to local reporters at the scene.

“When we got to the hospital, unfortunately, the baby was not able to be saved and she passed away as well,” said Alvarez.

As of late Wednesday, no one has been arrested in connection with the shooting.

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