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Jan. 6 Defendant Skips Hearing, FBI Issues Warrant And Offers $15,000 Reward For Her Location

A Florida woman is presumably on the lamb, and federal law enforcement officers have as of yet been unable to locate her after she failed to appear for her March 6 hearing, according to presiding District Judge Carl Nichols.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension of Olivia Pollock and her friend Joseph Hutchinson III. An additional $30,000 reward has been offered for Pollock’s younger brother, Jonathan, who has been living at large as a fugitive since June 2021.

The three are accused of coordinating an assault on Capitol Police officers during the course of the Jan. 6 protest.

According to FBI Special Agent Joe Boland, the pair are believed to have tampered with their electronic ankle monitors and fled. “They have not been located or arrested,” said Boland. “At this point, we’re still making efforts to try to locate them.”

Pollock had previously filed a motion mirroring trial tactics employed by other Jan. 6 defendants. According to her defense, she was under the impression that when she entered the Capitol grounds, she was acting under the orders of then-President Donald Trump.

Before joining her brother on the run, Pollock sold her artwork to raise money for Jan. 6 defendants. “We’re just trying to do everything we can for the guys who are in prison right now, and hopefully help them out, their families. They’re suffering a lot more than we are. I’m out, and I’m not stuck in jail,” said Pollock, who was held under house arrest with an ankle monitor at the time.

Her brother, Gabriel Pollock, said that the FBI was constantly “putting more and more pressure on people” but was upset that the defendants, including his siblings, were deprived of their “right to a speedy trial.”

Pollock’s lawyer, Elita Amato, told CNN in a statement that she was prepared to continue assisting her client and was ready to “guide her in resolving her bench warrant before the court” should she turn herself in.

Olivia Pollock has evaded federal law enforcement officers since late February.

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