Timcast IRL - Biden DEFENDS Mass Terminations Amid Jobs Report FAILURE w/Don't Walk, Run

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5 responses to “Timcast IRL – Biden DEFENDS Mass Terminations Amid Jobs Report FAILURE w/Don't Walk, Run”

  1. RockettMan says:

    The fact you called Luke whiny is hilarious. Go watch the prequels. Anakin was whiny, Luke just questioned things the first movie.

  2. UppityG says:

    Andrew is a fun thinker and must be lots of fun at parties. Always a welcome repeat guest for me.

    Sour Patch said something that my wife has said to me: she’s never going to vote for women to hold public office again. She stopped several decades ago and when she first let me know what she was doing, I was a bit surprised.

    The missus was raised during the rise of feminism and her mother told her that she could do anything and be whatever she wanted, she just had to work for it. So, she took her mother’s admonitions to heart and aimed for corporate America. Target achieved, she fended for herself by herself for a fair chunk of her life. But as time went on, she started realizing that being a cubicle workerbee was not making her happy. She one day moved back to our home state and chose to work at a local feed store and that’s where we met.

    First time elections came up while we were a couple I noticed she showed no interest. When I started to head out to vote, I looked at her and asked “Who you gonna vote for?” and she said “I don’t need to vote, you go ahead.” She didn’t say it as if it was a big deal, but it was the word “need” that got my attention. When I nudged her, she told me that when she does vote, she only voted for men and if only women were candidates, she’d pass. Really now? And what if it was on a proposition or such? She wouldn’t vote at all.

    Over time I learned more about her view on it. Basically, she noticed that she was bad at voting on public policy. And, that the women running for office too often ended up being bad at making healthy public policy. Mind you, she’s the only woman I’d trust to cast a vote because I’ve seen her read, and read, and read up on whatever, and she’d share her thoughts… but I had a hard time arguing with her.

    So Sour Patch, you are not alone in your position. I suspect a lot more women feel the same way and just keep it to themselves, while voting (or not) accordingly.


    We all gotta know our limitations and respect them. It’ll make you a lot happier. At least, that’s what I’ve learned for myself. Everyone should give it a try.

  3. UppityG says:

    No Ian
    We stayin’

    Crossland’s gonna have his own cooking show any second now, so what are you crying about? Soon you’ll have all want of him, relax.

  4. Chef2A505 says:

    Joe Biden Hidin’

  5. MrSooop says:

    No Ian, we peein