EPISODE 2: Ghosts in the Simulation

An 89-year-old grandmother entertains the idea that we might be living in a simulation. An absurd world has forced her to reconsider the nature of reality.

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  1. Wouter_Cleyman says:

    Keep up the great work.
    The amount of electrical weird things happenign doensn’t really support my theory but it might be worth discussing.
    I saw in a video from Veritasium (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaZ_RSt0KP8) on space particles that can trigger electrical anomalies in computers and stuff.

    This could be what caused it or maybe this is one way ghost are communicating and affecting our world. Ghosts being some kind of celestial beings and being able to manipulate radiation of some kind.

  2. Satori00 says:

    That was excellent.

  3. WWWYZZ3RDDD says:


  4. CraggBragg says:

    We’re the hardware and our brains are the firmware. When we’re born it’s a basic OS that needs to be programmed by other machines (parents, teachers, media). We’re an amazing piece of hardware and the firmware that is our brains is self-learning and self-upgrading. We go to sleep every night and firmware updates are sent to our brains through dreams. We forget things through regular defrag operations when sectors are damaged. We get too old and the damaged sectors of our brains accumulate until eventually our brains simply don’t work anymore. The software is the interface we have with the world.

  5. LunaticA says:

    Another great show!

  6. armyvet590 says:


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  8. kramit says:

    ..o.oOo.. wwhhhhere’s your mmmassk? …
    “Oh shit! he’s here with us!”
    o.oOOoo… iiiiit’s MAAAAAAAAAM!!!!

  9. kramit says:

    If ghosts are real, ghosts that are the spirits from the millennial generation are going to be the most annoying ass ghosts in the future. lol.

  10. E_jeck says:

    Full disclosure: I have no belief in simulation theory or ghosts.

    Despite not having any belief in the aforementioned, what I am about to describe is something that happened to me for which I have no true explanation.

    Back in the mid 1980’s I lived in Spain in a country house I rented outside the main city of Zaragoza. I had a roommate who eventually moved out and I inherited his old German Shepard. He was an old soul named Dusky. His teeth were worn down, eyes clouded over, and his entire coat was specked with gray. To this day, Dusky was the most loving living thing I had ever encountered since and now. I became quite attached to him.

    Every day when I’d arrive home, I would let him out of the front gate of the property and he would run freely through the corn fields surrounding the house for hours. He would eventually return and we would often sit in the garden in the silence enjoying each other’s company in the cool air. I would feed him and eventually he’d rest in the grass in the garden and I would go in the house to sleep leaving the door open to enjoy the breeze in the night. Dusky would enter the house and come wake me up in the morning before going to work. I’d shower, dress, go out to the garden and rub Dusky’s head covered in gray fur, then I’d drive off to work and the process repeated itself. This was our routine for a year and a half. He was happy and so was I.

    One day I came home from work and Dusky did not great me at the front gate as he normally did. I eventually found him lying in our favorite spot in the garden. He could not move his hind legs no matter what I tried. It was late and the vet clinic in the city was closed. I stayed up with Dusky all night to make sure he was okay and, in the morning, I took him to the vet. They poked and prodded him over several days, but nothing worked. So, I eventually took him home and put him in a dog bed next to mine.

    I had to go to work the next day, but left him with plenty of water and food within reach. When I came home from work later that day, I went directly to my bedroom in to check on him. He wasn’t there. In a panic, I looked all over the house and he was nowhere to be found. I eventually went out to the garden and there he was in our special spot. He was dead.

    It was a very sad moment. I grabbed a shovel and went out into the corn field next to my house and dug a grave next to the corn field. I went back and got him and buried him next to the corn fields he loved so well. I place a small pile of rocks to mark the location. I went back in the house and sobbed myself to sleep.

    The next morning, I got up with my regular routine. I walked into the garden before leaving to Dusky’s favorite spot and I can 100% tell you this with NO hyperbole. I could not see, hear, smell, or feel Dusky at that moment, but the empty space where he would have been, I KNEW he was there looking at me. Every sense I possess; every ounce of logic my brain could generate said that he wasn’t there, yet I could feel him right there as though he was just out of phase.

    From that day on, I never had that feeling again; however, I know what I observed.

    About 2 years ago, I went back to Zaragoza to take care of some paperwork and decided to visit that old country house. I found it there just as I always remembered it as though time had stood still. Literally nothing about the house had changed in 30 years. I walked over to the old corn field to see if I could find the spot next to it where I buried Dusky. I really wasn’t expecting to find anything after all that time. Then my heart skipped a beat! Right there where I buried Dusky covered over in old grass was the small pile of stones I had placed on his grave completely undisturbed. I just stared at it in disbelief. I cried a little from the joy and the memory of the moment. I reached down and picked up the smallest of the stones; nothing more than a pebble really. I placed it in my pocket and have carried it ever since.

    If something like “The Matrix” does exist, would we have to have markers in it to identify Reality Prime—the reality we’re living in now—and Reality Minor? Would doing so help us not confuse one reality from the other? Do you think my experience with Dusky was possibly a glitch in The Matrix?

  11. Downtowngirl says:

    Another great show.

    We were very close to my husbands Grandpa. He was always full of stories and we were sad when he became ill. One night we were talking to Grandpa and asked him if he believes in the afterlife and God. He was unsure, but thought it was plausible. My husband ( an atheist ) told him that if there was an afterlife, to throw a picture off our bookshelf in the Livingroom. He said “If there is an afterlife I will pick a book and throw it right at you towards your head”…we laughed, as of course he was talking to his grandson.

    4 weeks after his death… a book flew off the bookshelf in our Livingroom. We were both there to witness it. There was no fear, just surprise, then warmth. RIP Grandpa


  12. Lord_Ecktor says:

    I’m loving the substance in the writting, fam. I like the testimonials, but some shows tend to exaggerate them or say MEANINGLESS crap like “ancient astronauts theorists say”; I like that it won’t preach or pass things as reality, but it will imagine and ponder upon the strangeness of things. Idk how much of this innitiative can end up in podcast format, but I certainly would be interested in it. Imagine, a buncha hilariated dudes suddenly getting quiet and hyper focused upon some bizarre occurence/headline. And then Michael Malice getting into the effin Elves.

  13. cathy.drazek says:

    The night my Grandpa died, I had one of the most realistic and moving dreams I have ever had in my life which woke me up at about 3 am. about 3 hours later, my Grandma called to tell us that Grandpa had passed in the night. My dream was of a moment (really a bunch of similar moments over the course of my childhood) that was a special to just me and Grandpa – it was me at about 5 or 6 years old, stnading on Grandpa’s feet while he help my hands dancing around his living room singing to me. After a few minutes, he smiled, told me he loved me, sat me on the little stool by his chair that I always sat on to watch TV with him, and then said, “Goodbye, Sweetie. Be good.” All the way to the “Goodbye”, it was a moment the two of us shared often when I was young and meant everything to me. The goodbye is what woke me up at 3 am. My two sisters and I spoke at his wake and we each had a similar experience – each one specific to a very special moment or experience we had with him. I believe, to this day, that it was my Grandpa visiting each of us to say goodbye one last time. Several years later, my sisters and I were talking about this again and my dad overheard us. It turns out, that my pragmatic sensible dad had a similar experience and just chocked it up to coincidence.

  14. Like I said, I don’t agree with everything on the AC site. I’m unapologetically Christian. But I interpret it differently from most, I’d imagine.

  15. Happy October 13th! This day commemorates the martyrdom of the Knights Templar.

  16. I’m posting a website here that may be an exciting rabbit hole for anyone interested in simulation theory. It’s a VERY deep rabbit hole. How far you go is entirely up to you.

    *Disclaimer: I certainly don’t agree with everything on this site. There’s a lot of Jacobin obsession with centralized, top down control of society and an absurdly strong central government.

    That said, it offers a framework for the possibility of an eternally recurring universe; a simulation that IS the computer simulating it. The moment the climax of the simulation is reached, it triggers a Big Crunch that reverts everything back to a Singularity before starting the cycle again in a fractal pattern of endlessly unpredictable universes. The Singularity is really the “True” reality, the Acausal realm outside space and time. Nothing exists outside of it. All exists within it. What we see and hear and feel is just one of infinite realities, all taking part in an endless stream of Big Bangs and Crunches, a Never-ending Story of wonder and awe, terror, and delight. According to this theory, we are all also active participants to greater or lesser degrees, and the way we think affects the reality around us.

    This Source is called the Pleroma, or the “Fullness” or “Entirety” in Gnostic thought. Gnosticism is also something that should excite anyone interested in simulation theory. Gnostics can experience and know the Acausal realm here and now. Valentinianism offers a brand of Gnostic Christianity that should be feel familiar and accessible to modern Christians like it did to the ancients. There are parallels found in the scriptural cannon that make more sense when viewed under a Gnostic lens with eyes to see.

    Without further ado: the Armageddon Conspiracy


    And definitely look into Gnosticism too.

  17. rriba23 says:

    I definitely don’t think we’re in a simulation, but I often feel as if there might be something more to this “reality” we are experiencing. I suppose the feeling is just an odd feeling of uncertainty in regards to the past and future. None the less I know our lives are simulated with artificial material, which lately has pushed me towards nature. My theory is that we are being forced into being consumers, which nullifies our past need (humans as a whole) to engage with nature, which furthermore disconnects us from the fact that we are one. They want everyone to be scared, “alone,” and fearful of the future, so that they may control is with remedies. Please (anyone) reply and let me know what you think!

  18. MFnHammer says:

    Had to comment after you brought up about the SOS(son of sam) murders. There’s a LOT more to that story. Like many other instances in history, Berkowitz may have been involved, but was yet just another patsy. I can only lead people to the info, the truth is more bizarre than most can comprehend. There’s actually a lot of information about all this on b00btube.

  19. alienbeans says:


  20. Killjoy644 says:

    Fantastic episode really made me think of a the simulation theory discussion I had with a cousin who past away 4 years ago…
    Great show

  21. MassSkeptic says:

    I don’t know about simulation but I can definitely see history repeating itself.

  22. zxor says:

    On a more ‘inverted world’ note; Last year I felt a strong chill at the top of the stairs in my condo. It was a hot time of year, and that particular part of the condo does not have a vent and is normally a hot space. As the chill got more intense, I saw the bathroom door open slightly on it’s own. I walked over to the AC vents to make sure it wasn’t air conditioning causing it, and the vents were not blowing at the time. As I walked down the stairs, the chill followed me, but I felt a very calming emotion while this was going on. Shortly after that experience, my mom called to let me know that my dad had passed away. We can explain all sorts of things with science and theory, but experiences like that transcend scientific explanation. I truly believe he visited me to say goodbye.

  23. Alejandrotattoos817 says:

    Is anyone else into Gematria and how it’s tied into current event news and sports? It reminds me of an algorithm and could be an addition to simulation theory

  24. zxor says:


    P.S. Dejavu happens when an ‘alternate reality’ momentarily synchronizes with our own reality, and for that moment the two are one and we share the experience as one… right up until the two deviate and lose sync. The next time you experience dejavu, pay close attention to the moment it passes… you’ll notice there is a deviation where the thing that was supposed to happen next, didn’t happen. That’s because you lose sync. Also, they aren’t ‘alternate realities’, it’s all one reality. You have to think on the quantum level. Atoms are quantum processors, which means that they process every possible input and produce every possible output all at once. Out ‘code’ contains every reality (and all of time) at the same time. It’s complicated lol.

  25. zxor says:

    We think of computers as having CPUs (Central Processing Units), but centralized processing is outdated, even for us. The simulation we live in is run on the most parallelized computing platform there is; Atoms. Every atom is processing unit. All of them take input and produce output (electron/charge exchange). Every molecule (multiple linked atoms) is a subroutine. They take a higher level input and produce a higher level output. At the organism stage, we are a collection of molecules (subroutines) chained together to form, essentially, a program. The closest analog to what we are is an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). Our first computers were not programmed with commands, they were programmed with wires that linked circuits. ASICs are nanoscopic wires linking nanoscopic circuits. Circuits don’t have a ‘program start’ or ‘program end’. Every part of a circuit is ‘executed’ simultaneously in parallel. They are mindblowingly fast compared to CPUs, which is why ASICs are used for mining cryocurrency. No CPU or GPU could ever keep up with a purpose built parallel ‘executing’ circuit. And that’s what WE are… purpose built, parallel-executing, atomic circuits. Circuits are, essentially, very advanced programming, and this ‘simulation’ we live in is built with circuits. I’m an inventor… which more or less means that I see connections in things that not everyone notices. All future technology exists, right now, in the circuitry around us. I could describe how warp drive and nanobots will work (hint: they’re very different from how hollywood describes them) but there are several lifetimes worth of inventions/technologies that would have to be invented first, to even approach those things. I wish I had the funding to put a team together and get these things done in our lifetime… but the world seems set on tearing itself apart and opportunity is scarce now. Our collective human ingenuity and drive for actual science/progress is more or less on pause, until the angry elements of society can calm down and show that they are responsible enough to handle the technology of the future. I hope we can reach that calm soon, because there are some truly incredible things ahead.

  26. MikeyG says:

    I have had a few weird occurrences covering a few “genres”, if you will, that I can’t really explain. Right after my grandfather died I had a dream he came into the kitchen at my grandma’s house & I started busting his balls about not finishing the remodel just like she said & how we were lucky she didn’t let him build his casket. When I realized it didn’t make sense he was there I asked her why but she was frozen. He looked at me looking like I last saw him & said it was all right. He kept repeating it & each time his image grew younger until he was a fetus & shriveled up before disappearing . Idk it felt reassuring. Some of my dreams are my brain taking a dump, me telling me what I really want to do & then there are the few that seem to convey message to me from…uh…elsewhere. So there you have it. Taiwan is a country! Free West Taiwan! Woot woot. 🤘. Stage dive.

  27. TheDarkWall says:

    Funny you should mention that. Reincarnation theory only falls apart if you presume the reincarnations only occur within a linear timeline. The variants that account for this either say we overlap in multiple places within the same time or that we’re basically fragments of god’s consciousness and when we die we’re either absorbed back into him and his consciousness (go to heaven), or are cast into hell if we’re unworthy. Which that particular theory does sort of change the purpose of humanity to one of experience collectors for god to grow with. Then again, I’ve always thought if the end reward is being fused into god, maybe I’d prefer purgatory and keeping my individuality. Luckily that could be, and likely is, all bullshit

  28. redrumax says:

    Reincarnation theory does not stand in the face of global population growth.

  29. Johnli says:

    Hey Shane and guest,
    We always assume that we are in a simulation with a purpose like you mentioned studying the effects of a virus. Is it possible that the simulation we live in was made completely by accident?

  30. FoxOFire says:

    very cool. looking forward to next video. 🙂

  31. e_v_e says:

    Love the pact you made with your grandmother 🥰 Just the kind of thing my 84 year old mom and I talk about.

    Oy criticism is, I wish the episodes were longer!

    Keep up the great work!

  32. Grumpe says:

    Simulation theory is very interesting to consider, especially in light of our advances in computer technology and video games. Programming a character in a video game as an NPC is pretty basic, but we are rapidly advancing to a level where AI can make such characters feel even more alive.

    That said, the electricity connection is absolutely something to investigate. Defibrillators are commonly used to revive people whose hearts have stopped beating for various reasons. That’s right, we use a jolt of electricity to revive people on the operating table. A literal spark of life. Is life in the electricity, or is life a result of the electricity?

  33. Merdrah says:

    After talking with some people who were born as “Paranormal Sensitives”, I’ve been thinking that we are not in a simulation but we are physically on Earth for some “necessity”. Not a coincidence either. It was a conscious choice.

    We are being monitored from both realities / dimensions. Tested on and samples collected based on the abduction reports.

    Here’s the kicker. We are doing this to ourselves or more specifically, each other. A lot of cultures believe that our soul (or perhaps our sentience) reincarnate into other forms, people or animals. Indigo Children report being able to recall things from previous life-cycles.

    Shrodingers cat is dead, Jim!

  34. TheDarkWall says:

    Simulation theory is indeed a fascinating, yet as you say, hard to prove theory. Similar to proving god’s existence. Me and my family have experienced the paranormal from demonic apparitions, ufo’s and cryptids. What role would you say such non-human paranormal entities have within the realm of the simulation theory? Perhaps scripted events meant to invoke curiosity of things beyond the more apparent world? Or perhaps they function towards an even more unseen goal.

  35. TheDarkWall says:

    It hadn’t released yet, it is up now

  36. Baalshazar1 says:

    Good vid! Love spoopy stuff in Oct, still holding out that tim get an actual radio station over the southeast and commonwealth! Thanks fam! Keep it going!

  37. LilyAnne says:

    I think some of the simulation could be real. But on the other hand I see this as a renewal of the spiritual movement back in the mid 1800’s. It was used to take advantage of so many people. Most notable Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and First Lady Lincoln. They both spent vast amounts of money and time. Even after being proven wrong by Harry Houdini they still believed. What do you think about this new simulation theory being pushed like the spiritual movement could help and harm the people of this time?

  38. Oh YouTube must have banned it, there by YouTube has cannoned that its a simulation……?

  39. Kap says:

    What’s up with episode 2? Says that the video is unavailable.