Marjorie Taylor Greene Says National Divorce Is Possible, Triggering Leftists

Tim, Luke, and Lydia join producer and director of “The Plot Against The President” Amanda Milius to examine Marjorie Taylor …

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2 responses to “Marjorie Taylor Greene Says National Divorce Is Possible, Triggering Leftists”

  1. Sally says:

    Yes! Let them go & when they’re knee deep in excrement on their streets begging to come back in #JustSayNo
    If they haven’t Got It by now……

  2. HerrDoktor says:

    This focus on “divorce” and “secession” is ridiculous. These seditious ideas were planted in the heads of weak-minded people who have never given serious thought to the import of the Constitution. It’s exactly the kind of talk I would’ve expected from Antifa and Be Like Marx.

    The left has already divorced the erst of the nation. The problem is that they’re still trying to shack up with us. So stop talking about “national divorce” as though it’s some proposition for the future. Anyone who doesn’t recognize it as a past event that we need to recognize and respond to has not thought about it clearly enough.

    We really ought to take a look at what makes this country a country — the Constitution — and then take a look at who is actually sticking to that foundation — certainly not the democrats, and the republicans are getting a scowl from me regarding this one as well — and it’s very clear who is seceding and who is seeking divorce.

    Anyone who hates this country and wants to leave, great. Leave. Don’t expect me to take up the refrain of “I don’t like current politics so I am going to divorce my nation!”
    I’m not the one who has been unfaithful. I’m not the one who lost hope for the nation. I’m not the one who despises the Constitution. THOSE people are the ones who should leave, secede, divorce, whatever. And they can feel free to start Civil War 2.0 to try to get some land for their new socialist s-hole country.